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  1. My iMac is 2008 24-inch 2.8GHz Dual Core with 4 GB of RAM and NVidia GF 8800 GS, and what I've read from various forums, it should run Mountain Lion as long as there's 4GB of RAM. I would have to upgrade to Snow Leopard anyway, as Leopard can't be upgraded straight to Mountain Lion, you have to have Snow Leopard to access Mac Store from where you can get Mountain Lion. Anyway, there's still time before Broken Age's release so I'll probably either upgrade OS X soon(ish) or buy a new iMac or MacBook (hopefully not because my so far trouble-free Mac decides to die). Petri
  2. Hello, a slacker backer here with a question. I switched from Windows to OS X in 2008 and haven't really felt the need (although Civ V came close) to upgrade OS X from Leopard (10.5.8), but would I be correct in guessing that I need to upgrade it to be able to play Broken Age? Thanks, Petri
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