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  1. Awesome! Does this mean the PC Version will have X360 Controller Support?
  2. What's the deal with that Metroid Justin Bailey Code? Was that just a crazy coincedence?
  3. Are Backers entitled to the game on iPad?
  4. Lara Croft had a Shower at the end of her game...
  5. I would love to play a full version of Mnemonic. The half hour it took me to get through the prototype engaged me even more than Broken Age, in a pure Adventure Game sense. I felt stupid, I felt smart, I got into the story - a full game, carefully designed with a learning curve and a satisfying story conclusion would be a really special experience. I wonder, is at least one prototype sure to become Doublefine's next game? Is it purely a publisher decision? Two games from the last AF are getting full game release, but I think that's in a big part because publishers came out and expressed interest? Games like Massive Chalice seem to have sprung up between AFs after all, so I wonder how much "guarantee" AF provides?
  6. Thanks, after reaching the hole I had to look up a youtube walkthrough to know what to say. This all went a bit over my head I fear.
  7. The only thing I have to say is "What the foomp?"
  8. Man this was great! The prototype really carried the idea of reconstructing fragmented memories. It was very satisfying to get to see more of each scene bit by bit, and figuring out the connections. Given the cryptic nature of the plot, the puzzles often where less than clear, though. (I don't know if that can be improved?) For example, I don't think i would have ever used the light on the windshield, if I hadn't seen Tim do it at play day. Later, I had a moment of like 5 Minutes, where I furiously used everything with everything until I figured out what to do with the postcard. Modern Adventures try to avoid this, but it felt really nice and nostalgic for some reason, especially once I got the solution. it was much more satisfying because I was stuck for a bit. I would really love a full game like this, I really want to know what Ni Corp is up to and why I lost my memory! DEREK BRAND, YOU'RE A GENIUS!
  9. What am I supposed to do after the other buds try to break down the door? The only thing I can do is walk backwards, I fall out of the back of the house and get stabbed immediately by knife bud, and the game resets. ...is that... it? Was that all there is to it? Or am I doing something wrong?
  10. The fps don't acutally go up, but the whole simulation seems to speed up. Clouds racing over the sky, time of day changes super fast... I have the feeling it has something to do with my typing? at least, the game always sped up once I was typing. Not sure what triggers it, though... EDIT: Aha! there seem to be some debug features enabled still. Pressing * speeds my game up, pressing ü resets the speed. Pressing F3 detaches the 1st person camera or something.... (I am playing on a german bluetooth keyboard without numblock)
  11. After a few minutes, the game suddenly speeds up about 10 times on my pc. everything is faster, movement, animations, only sound stays the same. is there a fix for this bug? (solution: pressing * speeds the game up, ü slows it down again.)
  12. I won the battle pretty easily after finding the rally flag solo, and simply corking the bridge shut with my army. Now, of course, I am hopelessly stuck at the next Battle! Sigh. Doviculus is super fast and steals my fan geysers, and once that happens I can pretty much give up. I managed to kill both towers by driving my car into them, but lost anyway. The second cutscene was suddenly cut of by the game over cutscene. Meh. And I already put the game on easy. So.... any Tips for the last battle?
  13. Oh god I almost missed the steed "post credits" scene..! O_______o
  14. I like how the latest episode revealed that you can just run up to Big Leg, shout "YES!" and skip the whole chaotic part at the beginning
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