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  1. Thanks for your replies ... works now fine with the steam beta branch .
  2. Hmm .. seems i somehow managed to download Act I again with humble bundle. I'm updateing the steam version now with the beta - backer branch. Perhaps that will fix it .
  3. Hello backers, i just downloaded Akt II with my humble Bundle key. I wanted to try the German voiceovers but i only get the English voiceover and i can not find a seperate option for that. The language is already set to German. So are the German voiceovers not part of the humble bundle release? MfG Michael
  4. Oh almost missed this post ... dfa backer page should be updated! But great news ... looking forward to play Act II.
  5. Cool Episode ... i'm really looking forward to play Act II ! Thanks for an awesome game!
  6. JUHU ... thanks double fine and 2 Player Productions .... always a highlight for me those new episodes and sidequests. EDIT: Did my part and bought the iPad Version ... played through Act I now for the third time ... i'm really looking forward to part 2 .
  7. YAY ! ... iPad version is OUT! Thanks Double Fine it was an instant buy for me. It is a pleasure to support this awesome game!
  8. Great news ... looking forward to the update .
  9. I second this ... i would love to play this on my iPad!
  10. Sure: http://www.gamespot.com/shows/gamespot-live/?event=2013_igf_gdc_awards_live20130327 Enjoy! Edit: btw as stated in the first post these videos kinda make up episode 9, so I wouldn't count on too much new content in it. Thanks
  11. Has anybody a link to the full GDC 2013 award show with Tim Schafer? Seems i'm to dumb to find it on youtube .
  12. Love part 4 ... good to see the trailer had so positive response. Can't wait for Episode 9. Keep up the awesome work 2pp and df!
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