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  1. I just read most of the question tim answered directly and Overall it seemed to work quite well. The haters are obviously in the minority. Thats really goot to see
  2. One famous example would be Shenmue 3. This is for sure not only done with the Kickstarter Money.... none made a gib fuzz that some big Publisher is just using the People to not spent there own Money... Also Mighty No. 9 is an example issues during the production. But why would we care about that...
  3. Good on you guys I hope you can finish that video until tomorrow. I would like to add one remark about "DF is not good in Managing Budgets and Projects" This topic is quite hard to defend, because there are many perspectives on it. For example Broken Age: DF had a budget of roughly 2,4 Million. They come up with an idea, a story and how to do things, but they realized too late that it was not possible with the given budget. If you just look into that the statement is not truly wrong. Especially if you take into account for how many platforms they wanted to release it, that they developed an engine from almost scratch, put in a lot of animation, which causes lots of extra work or that they had a resource issue with Nathan Stapley. I personally think that DF or Tim definitely had problems with Project Management and budgeting. For me that is not an big issue, because I assume many studios have exactly the same problems. Its quite normal in this industry. In general I think thats a typical issue of many Projects in each kind of industry. Everybody who ever worked on a Project knows that. Anyhow I think that DF learnt alot during the development of Broken Age regarding budgeting and Project Management and much more . You can definitely see the progress on that with Massive Chalice, for example or how they now setting up whole Psychonauts 2 campaign. They dont make the mistakes twice. Maybe its better to focus on how much better DF is doing their Job now than in the past. Besides that Doublefine always delivered except of Spacebase DF-9*. And that’s what at the end counts. Sometimes everything is going wrong, but you have to find a way to make it work and they did! I assume most of the critics are not able to do exactly that!!! Furthermore one of the main issues is, that DF was so open to grant so many people the insight in making a video game. Funny thing is that this is the Point where it gets totally crazy. They gave everyone the chance to see (probably not all) how to develop a video game and whats going on during the process. With this and their absolute truth they made themselves vulnerable and for that they get this Shitnado by random people, which doesnt seem to stop at all. I have no idea what those random people have in mind, but definitely most of them just have no clue at all. They get played every day by all the big companies in the world and never do are say anything about it. Maybe DF is just the outlet for those issues and there is a Chance to get more direct contact or hit people personally than the big companies.... Not sure whats the fun out of this. Especially as its so unimportant to other things going on in the world. Just my two thoughts. Sorry i got a little bit distracted, but i hope you understood my points  *(for me personally I would have expected that DF will probably still support the project and bring in some enhancements after they have some time. But not sure if this happened, but on a ethical level would this be the right thing to do, maybe they supported the MOD developer or so? )
  4. Hm well, I'm sorry about that. It's hard for me to hear that my efforts came across as an impersonal AI robot, but i guess I'll take that on board. In terms of this campaign, I don't think i've ever had to work as hard on anything in my life. There was a point over Thanksgiving where I was certain we wouldn't get any of this finished in time, it was incredibly stressful and I nearly lost my mind. To be told it was lacking creativity, enthusiasm, heart, excitement and joy is pretty heartbreaking for me personally, when i poured my entire self into it, but again I'll take it on board. It would help to hear what exactly you would have wanted instead of what we did though... Please dont take it personal. Its just how it felt for me and i wanted to give this general feedback without finger pointing on somebody. Sorry about this, that was not the Intention. For sure you and everyone else put in a lot of effort and thats well appreciated and respected. ALso i really liked the General idea for the campaign, but it didnt work for me The questions "why didnt it touch me personally ?" is not so easy to answer, but i try. I would have liked to see more updates by Tim and the Crew developing the game -> the real persons behind it. Furthermore to see some early Concept Arts and so on. By the way i loved the 3 episodes of "Memories of Psychonauts" they were awesome. Maybe they should have been stretched over 3 weeks. For example the Special missions could have been boosted by Pictures of the Crew also working on those missions. I can remember one from Tim with the hat, but nothing else (maybe i am wrong). So why was Psychonauts for me just such a great game. It was the Story and characters itself, but moslty the unbelievable crazy creativity of the whole game. No Level was like the other. The crazy "Chess game" against Napoleon, the milkman prohecy, one bossfight on the cube and so on. The game was surprising me with each Level and this kept the Motivation high. Also the game was not too easy . Summarized Psychonauts was not about being a "PSI Cadet" (and Social Media )for me, but this is the main focus of the campaign. Thats also something i am not sure about. Will Doublefine be able to be so creative again? Its ten years later, most People are 10 years older and wiser, but will they still have such crazy ideas as for the first part? I hope so Hope that helps and keep up your good work! Its important to have passionate People, but dont forget to look after yourself. Thats also important! And most important: The game got funded. Thats the Goal we all wanted to reach!!!
  5. Ouch, hope that goes well. The overwhelming majority on reddit appear to be pretty vehement doublefine-haters. I'll never understand how one of the most interesting and entertaining developers in the industry managed to become so disliked. It's almost comical in it's absurdity. I mean, I know what happened, but that doesn't mean it makes any sense. Where is the like button!!
  6. Hi Spaff, ist not about not answering this Forum, but its the General Approach of the campaign. It felt mechanical almost like a Robot or a Artificial Intelligence working/communiating with the backers. There were also almost no answers on the Fig Webpage to questions and so on. It was only about the PSI Cadet missions. But where are the People behind it, which we all saw in the Double Fine Adventure Documentary. Where was the soul, excitement, joy, creativity, enthusiasm finally having the chance to make Psychonauts 2. Thats what we all knew Doublefine for and thats for me completely missing. Everything was just Kind of mechanical and like ticking of a checklist. Dont get me wrong, the social media idea is great and i loved the idea, but at the end it all had no personality or emotional bounding (not sure if this makes sense )
  7. HI Camden, we know that you guys love making games and always doing your best. We saw all episodes of Double Fine Adventure But maybe you are good actors
  8. The main Problem is, that exactly thats they way Business works today... I am also not happy with the Setup of all those companies, but the Point is i have a different conclusion for it. They just make sure that the Money will stay within the Company who produces the game. So if anything goes wrong, the Investors lose there Money and have no Chance to get it back. But again thats the scheme for those kinds of Investments anyhow and the risk you take when you are investing. The Problem is that the author says always he is objective, but he had is final Statement or meaning before he started digging. So everything is Setup to serve this Goal. He is explictically denying this in his comments, but after i heard the first two sentences the Goal of the Video was clear... This is anything else then objective. There is a good article at games informer which is quite objective and brings everything in a good perspective..
  9. Hi Spaff, any new on this matter? Is download Version from The Cave in the Humble Bundle the newest Version with all patches? Thanks
  10. I think some of the Problems are solved. anyhow i assume These issues are only related to the humble bündle Version!!
  11. Hi Same here. tried it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S with Android 5.02. Installation works fine, but the problem is that i cant see anything. When i start the Screen i get a black screen. Sound is working and the Cave tells something and I can choose the characters. But sadly as I have a black Screen this is kind of useless. I saw that in one of the release notes this issue was taggled. Is it possible that the Humble Bundle Version is not up to date? How can i get the update for the Humbel Bundle version?? Thanks An answer would be great! Maybe the new community Manager can have a look at it.
  12. Hi thanks again for this great episode I hope the working atmosphere is much better then the tone of this episode. Please be aware that the general reception of the game was quite good and zo you generated a really good game. You also have the chance to improve the game and make it as a whole game even better. And that's what you should think of. With a better game, press coverage and good word of mouth, sales should go up significantly. I would prefer to have a good and well balanced game rather then a schedule driven game to hit the December launch day. But another aspect would be the Christmas sales which are in generally much higher then to other times. I think Broken Age sales would also be better around this time, but will Broken Age the game be the best experience??? Key for me that the Act 2 should improve the whole game!!! Regarding cost I would hope that you cut down on the animations in cutscenes. I felt they where to hectic and way too much especially as the game as in general a more relaxed and stress free mood. Its so crazy that people get stuck on this train puzzle... It was way too obvious how it works.... Anyhow please make the second half still a little bit harder. Maybe you should bring in more detailed hints if someone cannot guess a puzzle. This hints should be related to how often the player tries something and a kind of a time counter. The problem with the difficulty is at the end the target audience. You have to find a the right balance between hardcore players and casual gamers. Maybe the only option is to include two difficulties for casual players and hardcore gamers. This will for sure cost some extra money, which is obviously not there, but would ease down this issue.
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