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  1. All Right I fixed my problem Indeed I needed to utilise the Time Traveller on the right side Thank you so much for your help
  2. I'm trying to send a picture I'm not successfull at sending a small enough picture I don't know any other area to exit in The walkthrough has a picture and it shows me precisely what the exit is supposed to look like This is where I'm at on the far left side I got here by following the path by coming out the sewer area underneath the house There is a wooden beam like structure directly above me I'm listening to you but I do not understand I apoligise Will you please be more specific about what I am doing wrong?
  3. The Time Traveller and The Hillbilly
  4. Hi I am at the Twins Campaign. I have completed the campaign by poisoning the parents. I am ready to move on. I have gone to my designated exit (on the left) I use my comrades alongside/with the door mechanism. The problem is that this door (in fact all of the exits at the moment) have locked panels in front of them I have no key to unlock these panel/locked doors. I cannot use the Skeleton key as that is permanently embedded in the front door. What am I to do here to get out of here? There is a door that has been created there...(this is separate and unique from the Gated Structure. It has a sort of futuristic light contraption in the middle of the door and it is LOCKED. I have no key and NO walkthrough says anything about encountering this. I know I am at the proper exit because I looked on the you tube walkthrough...There is a kind of wooden "rafter" type thing overhanging at the entrance above. But the walkthrough does NOT show this futuristic locked door
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