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  1. Best prototype from AF hands down. Begging felt a bit slow, but after short while it picked up speed. I really like the element of dealing with traitors and protecting your regime. So this whole idea of doing bad things while just trying to protect yourself is gray area and it felt quite unique to make those decisions. I enjoyed this short prototype much better than Papers please for example and i can see really big potentional here. If the decisions had big impact and you could see how it affects people, that would certainly help as well. It would be nice if there was some "resource management" of people hapiness, politcal power, regime safety, etc which would be clearly affected by your choices, that would be awesome. And then the whole part of dealing with people who try to disrupt your regime and disposing of them in various ways is great. I realy enjoyed doing surveilance on people and reading reports ( i guess that makes me bad person ) and then making decisions based on that. Finding out who was the traitor from the reports and then disposing of him was really brilliant. For a prototype done in two weeks its an amazing result and would love to see more of this game. I think all prototypes were interesting, but this one should get full version in my opinion.
  2. cool game, realy liked the key puzzle and felt satisfying figuring it out. If the puzzles would be more like this yet would make a bit more sense it could be brilliant, since it puts you into this weird mindset. One thing which frustrated hell out of me was the Esc key. I am used to hit esc to hide stuff like menu, journal etc. Had to replay bunch of times because of hitting the key automaticly, since it quits game and doesnt save game without no warning. But that would be my main complain, so i think thats good for prototype
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