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  1. Sorry for this... Since the reviews are piling up I feel like I'm spamming by writing this, but I thought I'd share. Things I liked: - the game as a whole! - awesome visuals - awesome cast / voice work - awesome music - interesting story (albeit Vella had a few issues I think) - I didn't mind the low difficulty (with one exception) What bothers me somewhat: - length - I know Act 2 is coming out, but it felt a bit short. ESPECIALLY Shay's world felt like it whizzed past me, and I wanted more of it! - I didn't like the "fruit" riddle... the answer to which was found on the other side of the traversable world and it felt there weren't enough clues for that... - Vella had some weird priorities and logic behind her more overarching actions - I mean, I got that she wants to slay the monster and as such wants to re-enter the feast, but it was initially a bit confusing, especially with no way of dealing with Mog at the time (no weapon, no weapon in sight) - some very minor visual glitches - they popped in and out and were difficult to reproduce. Subtitles "blinking" rapidly, for example. Or one case where Shay was speaking (mouth animation) and while he turned his head which resulted in his mouth being horrendously places on the side of his cheek for a split second. That's it from me for the time being!
  2. Perhaps this was intended - if it was, then it feels a bit off and weird. When Shay breaks free from the routine and manages to get through the vent, there's a moment during the cut-scene dialogue when the camera seems to go into full on mirror mode - with Shay on the left and Merrick on the right (despite being on the opposite sides during the whole scene). I do realise that the camera could "film" the characters from any angle, but whilst keeping a full on 2D look this seems weird. If this is intentional, it seemed really out of place so I thought it wouldn't hurt to let you guys know.
  3. There's something that I didn't understand. Perhaps it's just the phrasing that was used. It was mentioned that you have only so much time before it's "put down the pencils and it's just fixing bugs" (or something along those lines). Why is that? I mean, I realize you want to ship the first part being as best as possible, but you'll be releasing it on Steam Early Access - things already in the game CAN improve at that point, can't they? Or was that because after part 1 the art team will need to immediately jump into part 2 and there simply isn't enough time to make any more content?
  4. I think a lot of folks are using the term "split the game in two" in the wrong context. This isn't "The Hobbit", where the film got split in order to bring in more revenue. No one will need to pay twice for Broken Age. What they decided to do was release the game via Steam Early Access. It's more akin to a presales, only better, as it comes with a game (more than half of the full game, actually), as opposed to most presales, which are just (empty) promises of fun times ahead. Just stop calling it "splitting the game in two/half/etc.", OK?
  5. And then the remaining 1% will own all assets, have the best lines and art...
  6. I work on business code, and when I started reading up on Xna I got a headache. The approach is drastically different than what you're used to. For one, there's a rendering loop that does things continuously and the thing pretty much never stops. I found that bit already confusing given the approach to writing business solutions. Ironically, a friend of mine who DOES do some game coding envies me my programming skills while I envy him his. What I'm trying to say is... yeah, things are weird in game development for people who come from other programming areas.
  7. What the hell? I think whoever wrote that article was spying on me. I mean, I'm pretty demoralized in general in recent times. Is it by DFA? No, not at all, but I can see how someone could draw that conclusion. ... Am I being just a little bit too egocentric?
  8. I hope we can get some of the recording bloopers in the game. Remember The Longest Journey? The out-takes available after completing the game were pure comedy.
  9. a) Just a small reply to some people - this isn't episodic gaming! Please take a look at The Walking Dead - the episodes form a coherent whole, of course, but each episode is separate when you play. One ends, the other begins, and they do so with outros and intros. I don't think DF wants to do the same with BA. I think it's more akin to rather literal "release the first half ending in a cut to black or something, then use the money to finish part two and then merge the whole thing into one product". b) Given what glimpses of the game the latest episode of the documentary shows the game is shaping up to be amazing - and I think it's worth it to wait a bit longer.
  10. Check your spam filter, perhaps? I'm sure we're all on an automated mailing list, and yes, there was an email.
  11. This. Also, while I don't mind the extra wait, I am getting a bit worried about the game itself. The idea to release the early access via Steam sounds like a plan, but... I can't shake the feeling Double Find might not make as much money as they'd like this way. If that's the case - then what? The team will start cutting corners? *shrugs and tries not to think about it*
  12. I'm not entirely sure about this. I don't see Notch making a big-budget game. 0x10c has a different production value than Minecraft of course, but I don't think it's comparable with Psychonauts, let alone the really really expensive triple-A titles. And I'd wager Notch wouldn't want to have it any other way.
  13. What a weird acronym "IGETGBATTMEWRGAMUOTGSBOTLOASWTTDINESHMETATI" is. Quite a mouthful too.
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