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  1. Great job, team LPBB! Hope you get the chance to develop the full game.
  2. I would happily pay for all of them, but I voted Mnemonic. Really liked Dear Leader too. LPBB, though, with all its flaws, is the most interesting game out of the bunch. Part of me would love to see it developed further, more so than any of the other prototypes.
  3. Another member of the "LPBB does not show in Steam"club.
  4. Hi Derek. Don't make Mnemonic too focused on mechanics if you don't want to. Brad's idea (or what I managed to understand from the documentary) sounds fine, but it's not exactly what I had in mind from your pitch. Or what you had in mind apparently, based on your conversation with Tim. I fully agree with Tim (and STG above me): make sure this is the game you want to make. If it's a narrative-driven game, don't let mechanics get in the way of your story. Do think of strong mechanics, but don't make Mnemonic a game strictly about the mechanics. Don't think that because you're not a designer you won't know how to design. Hear everyone's opinion, but lead the project. I'm sure it's going to be an awesome prototype!
  5. Two of the three I voted for won. And I'm happy for Steed, too, despite not voting for it.
  6. My votes are: Mnemonic, Dear Leader, and What Could Go Wrong? I think all three have a shot (and I'm almost sure about Dear Leader and What Could Go Wrong?).
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