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  2. I finally beat the game. I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. It seems that every time you reload a save state, a new wave shows up. This led to me getting about 15 waves before I beat it, and they only seemed to stop coming after I played through several rounds without reloading a save. If you're having trouble getting to the end of the final battle, try to get through without using save states.
  3. I just had a final battle attempt where Wrinklers were attacking the Chalice en masse and even though they didn't deplete its HP, after a certain number of hits, the Chalice died of old age. ...Huh?
  4. Having given this strategy a try, I can confirm that it does cause pretty quick leveling, but the trade-off is that the first two generations are REALLY difficult. Limited heroes to choose from, all research time is put towards buildings and then towards adoption and finding heroes to fill out positions and keep bloodlines from dying off. At one point, I had so few heroes left in my retinue to keep the Crucibles and the Keeps stocked that at one point I had to go into a battle with only one hero in my retinue, and I needed to save-scum in order to keep them alive. So I'd say this strategy's biggest weakness is the number of heroes. When your strategy is to rush out Crucibles as quickly as possible if your Keeps can't supply enough heroes in the meantime, your numbers thin out really quickly. Once you've managed to build the Crucibles, you then have to get very creative and spend all of your time managing your Keeps. Once you manage to stabilize your bloodlines, you'll probably find that most of your heroes, while high level, have pretty awful traits because you were matchmaking purely out of necessity and prioritizing fertility, and also because you were promoting Standards based on level rather than on personality, so you have to spend the next few generations doing some clever breeding to iron out some of those problems. I would still say this is a dominant strategy. I don't think it's possible to do without a lot of save-scumming, so I don't think it's TOO bad, but I don't think it's quite broken enough to ruin the fun, and I certainly don't think it's easy to do if you haven't played the game before, but even if you don't take it to THIS extreme, rushing Crucibles early on is currently too easy not to nerf a little. I'd say increasing the building time for the third Crucible onward would be plenty.
  5. I agree and think Alchemists are very underestimated. The ability to carry multiple items becomes very useful in certain situations, the ability to create obstacles for melee enemies is also very handy, and their impressive move distance makes them really versatile. Add on the ability to attack twice in a single round and you've got something very useful when you find yourself outnumbered. I think their most significant weakness is how quickly they run out of bombs before Level 10, but like you said, increased carrying capacity would probably even that out a great deal. Or even if they just made the bombs more powerful (or at least more accurate), that would be good enough for me. Because the Alchemists can still do melee attacks, unlike the hunters. Still, the fact that almost all of their significant abilities stem from their thrown weapons and there's almost nothing to buff their melee attacks does lend credence to your point. I don't think alchemists should have UNLIMITED flasks, but I do think they should have more than what they currently have.
  6. I really like this idea but I think it needs an element of choice. Maybe two Caberjacks disagree and one of the options is that they duke it out and if you've developed the Timefist, the whole time displacement thing happens.
  7. I'd like to be able to equip Regents and Spouses as well, though I honestly don't know how viable this is since the current load-out screen seems designed with only five Recruits in mind. If it can be done easily, I'd like this feature as well. Or perhaps I should just start planning ahead and equipping all of my Recruits before battle in case I end up marrying them off later on. I... actually didn't know that could happen! I thought these fights only happened on regions with Keeps. I didn't know the other building types could be attacked as well. Maybe only the Keep battles would have you fighting to protect your Trainees. Maybe the Crucible battles would risk reducing the passive XP gain for Trainees and the Sagewright battles would do the same for research time. Or maybe those could be more like escort missions? I dunno. Sure, but these kinds of battles happen so rarely that the likelihood of getting one that early on seems pretty slim. I think I had four over the course of the entire playthrough.
  8. If that's the case, you could use a model that already exists (like the throne in the Keep), make it attackable (like the Chalice during the final battle) and every time a Cadence attacks it, a random Trainee is damaged or killed. This would accomplish what I'm suggesting without requiring the creation of new models and it would force the player to keep the Regent and the Spouse near the throne rather than just have them bolt as soon as possible to regroup with the main party (a strategy that I was able to use during every battle without much difficulty). Again, every time I had a battle like that, I had no trouble just making the Regent and the Spouse run to the other end of the Keep to join the rest of the party. Once that happened, the Cadence would just move in to attack the party since I think their AI attracts them to the Regent and Spouse. Once you get them to join the party, the battle becomes pretty simple provided you have enough patience. Without something defenseless in the Keep to protect, there's really no reason to keep the party split up. Since the Trainees aren't threatened, losing an easily-replaceable Regent and/or Spouse is rarely much of a significant threat to the continuity of the Bloodline. This would incentivize keeping the Regent and Spouse alive, but again, that's not too difficult so long as you don't decide to have them try to hold off the impending horde by themselves and instead have them run as far and as fast as they can from the very beginning. That's fair, but it would be easy enough to explain away. Perhaps the Chalice power required to build a Keep creates a back door that the Cadence can use only once to send in a massive horde. Perhaps there's a traitor in the Keep who lets the Cadence in.
  9. Yeah, you remember correctly. At certain points in "XCOM: Enemy Unknown", you see sound waves that tell you the general direction of enemies hidden in the fog of war. Also, undiscovered enemies switch to different spawn points if they remain undiscovered for a certain number of moves, both to discourage save-scumming and to sometimes make it easier to find as-of-yet undiscovered enemies. I don't know if "Massive Chalice" needs the whole "rotating spawn points" mechanic since it sounds like a pain to program (and it could be very glitchy in "XCOM"), but the sound wave mechanic would certainly be very helpful.
  10. I really REALLY like this idea. Having character develop bonds in battle that would have effects in the match-making part of the game would be a really great way to establish more personality for the characters and develop an organic narrative that the game currently lacks.
  11. At first I was afraid that all of the combat sequences would be identical in "Massive Chalice", but I was very happy to discover that there was one other kind of random combat, which was the Keep defense combat sequence. If you haven't encountered one of these, it's basically where the Cadence attack one of your Keeps in a massive invasion. You face off against a very high concentration of Cadence creatures and you also get to fight with whoever is Regent and Spouse in that particular Keep in addition to the five Recruits you send in normally. However, I think that aside from the claustrophobic feel and the inclusion of the Regent and Spouse, this battle is still too similar to the other combat sequences. Additionally, the fact that you don't get a reward for it like you do for the other combat sequences really bugs me. Currently the only advantage to getting one of these is that you get to fight another battle with your Regent and Spouse and you don't have to worry about corruption increasing (although corruption isn't reduced in that region for successfully defending the Keep). I think this can be improved. For starters, I don't think you should only have the Regent and Spouse there. I think all of the Trainees should be there as well and the Cadence should prioritize attacking them so it becomes similar to the Terrorism missions in "XCOM: Enemy Unknown". Your goal becomes advancing as quickly as possible to prevent the Cadence from wiping out the next generation of that Bloodline rather than just protecting the Regent and Spouse (who can probably defend themselves anyway). Additionally, I have a few ideas as to what the reward could be for this kind of mission: - Complete removal of all corruption in the attacked region. - Partial removal of corruption in all bordering regions. - If the Regent and Spouse survive and defeat a certain number of Cadence enemies, they're more likely to randomly create a Bloodline Relic. - An experience boost for the current Trainees of that Bloodline since they got their first taste of combat earlier than most. Lastly, maybe this type of mission shouldn't be completely random. Maybe every Keep should have to go through this after a certain number of generations. What do you guys think?
  12. There was one random event I came across where one of the Recruits says that a piece of the Chalice has been passed through their family, but their elderly aunt is very protective of it. You can recruit the aunt, though she's pretty low level, but she's significantly older due to her exposure to the Chalice. When I saw that the aunt was 97 years old, I thought that the implication was that the Chalice had made her immortal and that I now had an immortal Recruit to use for the rest of the game. This seemed really cool. However, I was disappointed to discover that a few years later, she died of old age. I just think that was a slightly wasted opportunity to have a ridiculously old codger facing the Cadence at the ripe old age of 265.
  13. I personally think there should be an assassination mechanic similar to "Crusader Kings II" where you can have a Regent/Spouse/Standard/Sagewright assassinated, but if you're caught doing it, the corruption in that particular region is increased by one step as the people lose faith in you.
  14. I posted this on a Wishlist thread, but here are some ideas I had to make the final battle better. First, I think there should be a minor version of this battle around Year 150. This introduces the player to the ancestral regeneration mechanic and makes use of the less powerful ancestors that are far too useless to be included in the final battle. It impresses the importance of choosing powerful regents and introduces the idea of "wave" combat. Second, I think that there should be unlockable abilities to use during the battle. For example, maybe the player doesn't have the ancestral regeneration ability by default, but if they complete an optional mission, they unlock that ability to use during the final battle. Maybe you could also have a mission to unlock some kind of limited siege weapon ability for the Chalice to use to knock out massive chunks of enemies at the expense of the Chalice's health or the ability for the Chalice to reduce fog of war so you know where the enemies are spawning. This would give the player something proactive to do and make time management a bit more critical since the player will have to balance between preparing their Recruits and Researching the items and abilities they'll need while also investing time on optional missions. Third, there HAS to be some way to defend against the Lapses' ability to drain XP. Since you can't gain additional XP after reaching Level 10, just one hit from a Lapse robs any Level 10 character of their strongest ability, and since they are ranged attackers, there's not a lot you can do to avoid them. What's the point of having cool Level 10 abilities if you can only use them during the first two rounds of the final battle? Lastly, there needs to be some indicator of how many waves/enemies are left. I'm glad that the number of waves is being significant reduced (10 FREAKING WAVES!?) but it's still frustrating to have no clear idea of how close I am to completing the battle.
  15. Add an item to resist the XP loss attacks from Lapses or allow characters to gain additional XP after reaching Level 10 to act as a buffer against the Lapses' attacks. In late-game battles where you play as Level 10 characters, just one attack from a Lapse causes them to knock down to Level 9. This is particularly frustrating in the final battle. It pretty much guarantees you don't get to use the Level 10 abilities during the final battle. Include a Research option to reduce the corruption of a particular region. After the Research is complete, a battle is triggered in the chosen location and if the player is successful, the region's corruption is reduced by one step. Right now, save-scumming is pretty much the only way to actively prevent losing a region to corruption since you could just get really unlucky and have a series of battles that all target three regions. Having a method to reducing corruption that required Research time would allow the player to proactively reduce this corruption and not have to rely on the mercy of the random number generator. Include the "multiple waves" battle mechanic before the final battle. Maybe a scripted battle near the midway point that functions similarly to the final battle so the players know what to expect and how to prepare for it. Playing an entire game without multiple waves of Cadence only to have a final battle that includes SEVERAL waves of Cadence without any indication of how long they would keep coming is really infuriating. Having a "minor" version of the final battle at the midway point would make use of the lower-powered younger ancestors that are completely useless during the final battle and it would give the player an idea of what to expect and prepare for. Include Trainees during the Keep defense battles so that you have to rescue them (similar to the Terrorism missions in "XCOM") and include a reward for completing them. Right now the Keep defense battles are cool, but they just feel like moderately more difficult versions of the other battles. It would be cool if all of the Trainees at a particular Keep are near the Regent and Spouse and can be killed by the Cadence, making it more like the Terrorism missions in "XCOM: Enemy Unknown". Also, the fact that Keep defense missions have no reward is pretty lame. They should at least reduce corruption in that particular region. Perhaps having the Regent and/or Spouse perform well and survive the battle leads to the creation of a new Bloodline Relic for that Keep? Either make the Blunder Bow more powerful (maybe cause it to cause damage to surrounding enemies or cause knockback), give it better range, or just remove it completely. The Blunder Bow is terrible. Make it better or get rid of it. Explain how the Timefist works. The Timefist sounded really cool but when I actually tried it out, it seemed very underwhelming. The Caberjack's greatest strength is its ability to knock back enemies, and removing that ability just to apparently teleport enemies to a different location on the map (or removing them from battle, it's not terribly clear what exactly it does) seems like a waste. It should be at least comparable to the devastating Knockback Caber. Actually, explain how a LOT of things work. Almost nothing is explained in this game. This leads to a lot of flailing about and making really simple, stupid mistakes with really far-reaching consequences. I accidentally set up my first three Keeps with Hunter Bloodlines because I didn't know that Keeps could only have one Bloodline for the entire game and that each Bloodline only produced one type of Recruit. I ended up having WAY too many Hunters and not enough Caberjacks and Alchemists in late game. Have more random events surrounding the drama of particular subjects. Things are too peaceful in between the Cadence attacks. Maybe have the characters try to murder one another if they don't get along or if a marriage doesn't go well or if there are too many Trainees and there ends up being a succession crisis. Too many characters simply "die of old age". It would be interesting if sometimes characters died through suspicious circumstances, like a Recruit starts assassinating other Recruits. Maybe have Bloodlines feud with one another. The Cadence attack so infrequently that it's not hard to imagine the younger members of the Bloodline getting restless. Allow the player to assassinate characters at the expense of increasing corruption in that region. Sometimes you just want a character to die and there's really nothing you can do but wait. It would be cool if there was an assassination mechanic where you could have a character killed to open up their seat as a Regent/Spouse/Standard/Sagewright, but you run the risk of getting caught. If you do, you increase corruption in that particular region by one step to discourage the player from doing it too often. Allow the player to change the first names of Recruits while they're still Trainees and then use those names to inform future children if they end up becoming Regents (similar to how it works in "Crusader Kings II"). There's just not enough character customization in the game. It's hard enough to get attached to anyone when they'll probably die or retire after two or three battles, but it's even harder if you can't even name them. It would be nice to be able to assign first names to characters before they turn 15. It would also be cool if those names were passed down if that character becomes a Regent or Spouse. Create minor optional missions to accomplish to prepare for the final battle. Right now, the final battle is WAY too hard and introduces way too many new mechanics without any kind of preparation. Also, the game has pretty slow pacing, particularly towards the end. I shouldn't feel like I'm waiting for the clock to reach Year 301. I should be begging for more time. I think it would help if there were minor missions to accomplish in order to prepare for the final battle. Maybe if you accomplish a particular goal, you unlock the ancestor resurrection ability used in the final battle. Maybe accomplishing another goal allows you to use the Chalice as a siege weapon to take out a large number of enemies at once a limited number of times during the battle. These missions would give the player another priority to juggle when deciding what to spend time on during the later game and give them something proactive to do in preparation for the endgame. Allow buildings to be torn down and replaced. Allow Standard/Sagewright/Regent/Spouse appointments to be undone so long as no time has passed since the appointment. This caused a couple of "OH SHIT" moments for me. A simple "undo" button that goes away as soon as you start the clock again would be sufficient. Allow the player to sort subjects by fertility while choosing Standards and Sagewrights. Since they won't be allowed to marry, it would be nice to be able to prioritize infertile Recruits for these appointments. On that note, the ability to filter Recruits by certain traits or sort by certain stats would also be very helpful. Give Caberjacks greater movement speed so long as they are wearing default armor. Caberjacks are pretty terrible in the early game. They're about as vulnerable as the Hunters and they deal about the same amount of damage, but they can't double-attack and they can only do melee attacks, which is doubly frustrating because they can't move very far at first. Allowing them to cover more ground while they are wearing light armor would make them significantly more useful early on. Give the Recruits more personality. They all seem to act the same during combat. They say their Bloodline's motto when they defeat opponents, but it would be cool if they also said other things more unique to them specifically as individuals.
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