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  1. Oops! I didn't know we would share them here, I've got to tape them back together quickly. Here's my solution to the Broken Age notes bonus puzzle: As you might see, I'd been totally lost on that knotting puzzle. Also I was looking for triangular hints all around in the spaceship to make the hexipal working. Took me a while before I found them :>
  2. That was one fantastic adventure! Took me two days to play from the beginning until the end O_O Phew! I'm kinda proud that I didn't look for any hints and solved everything on my own : ) It wasn't always easy, some puzzles really took me some time to figure out. Now and then I felt kinda dumb for not finding some stuff until I walked around the place for 10 or more times checking all kinds of not so logical stuff. But I guess that is all part of this game genre The funny ways however how the game responded in many cases on my absurd actions made also these moments pretty enjoyable ^^ I must say I really loved the story, the look and feel and sound. They all allowed for that wonderland universe! All those animations and voices, just wow! So much effort went in to minimise the repetitiveness, keeping things alive, I really appreciated that. And of course the in depth 2P documentary gave this game even more dimensions. Thanks for all the inspiration all this time Double Fine, it was a great ride Amazing job everybody!
  3. This was amazing! I loved the story, the setting, everything is so creative... The art/style is fantastic and very well chosen to tell a creative story like this, it really blends in everything nicely and is easy on the eyes. Its great how everything is moving, the animation and all it's variations, it really brings life into this game, feels like this world is breathing somehow. The music and sound, so well done! Sometimes I realised I didn't really hear it, but at the same time was totally under its spell. That really makes it real : ) Also I really loved the voice acting, this game really speaks to you, it brought so much feeling to every detail in the game. Also the game does indeed do that classic point and click adventure stuff, that is what this project was about in the first place. But I very much loved the simplicity of this game, only one shelf with icons to worry about, and in no time it booted the game back up and continues where I just left of, just use one hand on the mouse and in the other and nice cup of coffee and some bread. Just clicking away haha : ) Also I think it was great how the game skipped stuff that we didn't really needed to see anymore, and how it gave us that fast travel option. Although its also what will be called a point and click adventure, to me this game is truly something new and original. I'm really looking forward to Act 2! So please don't rush it too much but give it that fitting and worthy endgame it deserves. But still, I guess that might be quite a task after this : ) Good luck!!
  4. I've seen the trailer about ten times, I need some more now...
  5. omg I just found out I didn't see this last episode! Finished watching it just a second ago, and it was just awesome! ...and it fixed my day! I was empty just an hour ago but watching this it filled up my tanks with creative forces again : ) I wanted to say I'm so excited about the orchestrated music in the game, but I find I'm as much excited about every other part of creation of this game. So the excitement is not just a big +1 here, it's more like +X:D
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Is very useful to see in depth the technical process behind the game. I'm amazed you guys are able to take care of all this stuff. Also I would have banned Android if it where that unreliable and fragmented, this platform just can't be called one platform when you'll have to consider so many different devices and GPU's. When it's done, I'd love have some Broken Age experience and see the world that you guy's made for us!
  7. Very inspiring again! ...Must start humming in my voice recorder from now on : ) Oh btw omg all those schedules, days, months and whatever. I just hope they feel right for you guys.. Because you know, even thousands of years after you finalized it, it'll still be played and enjoyed like that. oops I don't mean to pressure you guys even more ; ) But it must be fine I guess, it looks like there can be told quite an amazing story throughout this fresh new world you've been creating. Awesome documentary!
  8. Another great sidequest! I really enjoyed it. I Love the amount of detail that went into the story.
  9. I really enjoyed watching this. It's nice to go back with Oliver to the time of these old computers and see where all this craftsmanship started. Awesome side quest!
  10. I'm having so much fun with all these game creation videos, and it all feels extra fresh and living knowing that it is still being made. I really can't wait to see how all this gorgeous art will come together : )
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