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  1. Awesome! I'm not even going to pretend to try and understand how the coding of MC works but could just be as simple as - If a unit is in a defensive state/over-watch and an enemy (once attacked by your 2nd unit) encroaches their space then play attack anim and take damage. I'm just thinking out loud though - 500 more issues would probably be caused by it never mind having to take geometry collision into account.. I know you guys have it all planned out and you can't keep adding new features with the time constraints/budget. It's just good to throw ideas about Thanks for your speedy reply Brad!
  2. Hey all, I was just watching the Teamstream #20 and got an idea about a possible combo attack (although I'm not entirely sure if someone has already thought about this). I noticed Brad do something in the stream where he attacked an enemy unit which caused them to get shoved into the second enemy unit on the left which dealt them both damage (see image below). (timestamp 54:08) Later in the stream he had an enemy in the middle of two units. I thought it might be cool if the unit on the left attacked the enemy in the middle using the same type of attack from the first image (obviously he has to be the right class) then the enemy would fall back into the unit on the right who has a type of 'counter attack' (over an Overwatch type thing) which creates a ping pong effect doing some type of double damage to the enemy? I think it would create some really interesting tactical situations. (timestamp: 55:43) What do people think, has this been done before? Also difficult to explain in writing so I hope I didn't confuse anyone! Massive chalice is looking awesome btw guys! So excited for it!
  3. The part about never deleting anything from the DDB makes SO MUCH sense but we've never done this. Great advice! Your localization time must be a huge time saver too! Thanks for the in-depth writeup Malena.
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