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  1. There is a lot of work involved nobody sees in all the documentaries. The story, the meta-level of the story, the environments with all their meaningful inventory items and dialogues, getting it balanced to progress further at the right time (so you won't forget the story), not having to roam the screens for long distances to solve a puzzle, the music, the art, every line of code. It is a great, meaningful story, brought to our homes in an entertaining form. All the talk beforehand has been proven wrong now. They delivered a game in a world where there are also tough times in the entertainment industry. And why shouldn't there be any problems as well like in every part of our world.
  2. The meta-level in this game is inspiring. Very well done all of you at Double Fine.
  3. Hello, I suggest: "Zum Überspringen /SKIPBUTTON/ oder Maus drücken." = "To skip sequence press /SKIPBUTTON/ or mouse. or: "Überspringen: /SKIPBUTTON/ oder linke Maustaste" = "To skip: /SKIPBUTTON/ or left mouse button"
  4. I am looking forward to playing act 2. At the moment I replay from the beginning. This time I noticed a deeper meaning the game implies. Broken Age really is the right title for this game.
  5. I put the first golden egg I collected near Harm'ny put in in the first nest on the left, started a dialogue with the guardian, skipped the sequence, accidently clicked on the ladder and Vella went up to the grandmaster of the universe starting with the dialogoue option: "Hi!". That was a long sentence. Until then dialogue options with the guardian was still being displayed. I hope this does not get fixed and this bug will be remembered as 'Solospielers fast ascension to enlightenment'. Edit: I am only reporting because I think that it is the reason we are able to play the game 24h before official release. But on the other hand I guess it is too late to update anything at the moment. I don't know. Edit 2: Oops. Could it be that I only needed one golden egg to get up the ladder? :-D I think I remembered something wrong.
  6. I noticed a word is missing when being able to skip a sequence in the german translation: Being displayed: "Hier tippen oder Leertaste drücken, um Zwischensequenz zu" Correct would be: "Hier tippen oder Leertaste drücken, um Zwischensequenz zu überspringen" Edit: Überspringen means to skip. I am playing act 1 from the beginning with Vella.
  7. I felt a great disturbance in the force. After the hype is before the hype: Is it possible that DF teams up with Ron Gilbert for creating a new Monkey Island game? (And Peter Chan)
  8. Alright. Can we please generate some hype now (clapping, stomping, cheering) since the game is being released in 7days? Edit: Why is my thread closed?
  9. I like Nathan's art very much and after watching the latest episode of the documentary, I wanted to ask whether he would do a speedpainting? That would be really great, I want to watch him draw something from start to finish.
  10. Interesting... the eye is what Shay sees before he becomes unconscious.
  11. I would back a new DF adventure, but I think they should develop the game without too much external involvement. :-)
  12. Do you know or do you guess it's wrong, sir?
  13. That's what you have been told. But it's not the truth. There is a deeper meaning to the game. :-}
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