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  1. I would prefer if the documentary episodes from 2Player Productions were shorter, but more frequent. It's an awfully long time between the episodes... Once every two weeks would be much more appreciated.
  2. Hmmm... thanks @buckysrevenge. I'm still none the wiser as to how to get into local co-op on a MacBook Pro and how to control it. Since I bought the game fair and square, how about some official support from the developer? The support link on the Mac App Store directs to these forums after all.
  3. I realize it's on the same computer. The questions still apply though. ;-)
  4. Hi! I'm a backer of Broken Age, and also bought Ron's The Cave from the Mac App Store. In the description of The Cave on the Mac App Store it says "Share the cave exploring adventure with friends in local co-op". Question time. 1. How can I enter local co-op mode in the Mac App Store version of The Cave? 2. How do my friend and I control separate characters at the same time on the same MacBook Pro? 3. Is there a split-screen mode? Thanks a lot in advance!
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