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  1. Was hoping to get some tips for these acheivements from people who already have them. I'm not particually sure how some of these are to be gotten. Any info is greatly appreciated. One question I do have is, do these have to be done against a person or can they be done against an AI? Thanks!
  2. Anyone that has this achievement, would you mind listing all the rideable beasts in the game. I'm trying to get this one at the moment and thought I've ridden them all but I guess I'm missing at least one. Thanks!
  3. Uggh...may have screwed that up by beating the game before checking that. Becasue I did check there, just after I had completed the game. Oh well, I guess it's a good excuse to play through the game again! Just got to get to 100% complete on this game first.
  4. Was wondering if there were any other Hunter missions after killing the Hextadon? I killed the 4 needed to complete that specific mission, however I received no acheivement. Just a little glitch and have to go back and play through again? (Kinda annoying becasue the hunter specific missions were probably the most annoying.) Anyone else have this issue or am I missing something here? Thanks!
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