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  1. Thank you. Sometime in the future I have to buy it, it is sooo epic *.*
  2. DANG! I want that one aswell. But another 30 Dollars for shipping...? @Martyvej: Is it possible to take a picture of the statue with the book, so i can get a feeling for the hight?
  3. You only have to pay the holdings cost if it becomes over 5€ (ten days). I only had to pay about 8something€ for taxes, but it cost me 2 hours waiting.
  4. Yeah, finally mine arrived in Germany. It looks fantastic and its sooo huge.
  5. So far I never had a problem with PayPal, and now I am very happy to be possible, to support Massive Chalice, even I don´t own a credit card, because not every one in europe has one. Thank you, to made it possible!
  6. Remo crushed this you guys! ! P.S. I would also love to see this game on an iPad (as well as EVERYWHERE ELSE) down the line. I think the new XCOM is being ported to iPad reallllly soon. Can't wait to check that out! ! PC, PS4, Android. I want it all!
  7. Seems like, it is in the DF-Store available again.
  8. Look here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7843/ Sweet! For me, the store just says "out of stock". We will be able to place an order soon? Probably, I just don't want to put them back on sale until we're a little more caught up on our back orders. The way the timing worked out with the existing orders wasn't what we thought it was going to be--it's not really anyone's fault, just one of those weird logistical blips. But as soon as we're able to start fulfilling the orders we'll make it available again. I don't know if we'll have both the slipcase and regular ones available, or just the regular ones; it depends on what kind of volume we can get from the manufacturer.
  9. It feels like i´m sitting on a hot chair. I want it sooooo bad! :gulp:
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