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  1. It works, in ScummVM you have to select the directory where the disc's files are, and then the game appears on the list in the menu. Edit: didn't see the got it running... Sorry
  2. I wish only that the second Psychonauts be as good as the first
  3. I'm so happy because of the video surveillance progress, lapel pins are GREAT! (I'm a collector, got about 70-80 pins about my favourite sport club.)
  4. I hope there will be a "no-talkie" edition in the future.
  5. Eh, eh-eh. Eh eh, eh-eh!
  6. It's sooo close... I've added a Whispering Rock T-shirt to my pledge
  7. Improve the 3D graphics, for the 2D, see this topic: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10810/
  8. Hey ninjas, here is a VIP ticket from HBWB: DOTD-VIP--a74cde9b I won't use it, so I hope somebody will :-)
  9. I would like to thank you everybody - Double Fine, 2PP, backers... - for this great journey in adventure game making, one of the best experiments in my life.
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