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  1. Not entirely. Have you looked at the "foreign organism" Shay's pulling the gifted Gary from recently?
  2. Look at you! Such big words! I'm so proud of you. Act-i-vit-ies! Four syllables! You'll get an extra scoop of your faaaavourite warm cocoa before nap time for this! ... Doesn't that just tickle that nerve, even a teensy little bit? See, changing "a little", missions "a bit" different... You're in your teens and you're sitting in a baby chair (not metaphorically) and your butt is washed for you (yup) and you are given "missions" about cuddling and ice cream avalanches and Ticket To Ride trains. Wouldn't you just go postal after a month of such torture, Captain Sweetie, not to mention years? :> MAYBE Shay just doesn't want to be rude to Momputer, so he endures it. But he doesn't show it. MAYBE Shay's mind is periodically reset. But that's fetching it too far. MAYBE... I don't know. Maaaybe the scenario writers didn't realize they're going into "too serious" territory, keeping a boy coddled for so long. Maybe it didn't occur to someone that turning that dial up to 11 is going to change more than a number somewhere.
  3. She doesn't care for the "first eaten" title, so they're not rivals, so there's that. She wants out, not to win. I plainly don't like playing characters with an undecided direction. If she's dead-set on crashing the party, she shouldn't've let herself be propped up on that ridiculous cake. If she's not dead-set, then she shouldn't be talking about killing the monster from the get go, she should slowly come to the realization and let us see that process. You can't ride two horses at the same time. He's been seeing the same kind of "new things" for the past 10+ years, and they ended up cuddly and yarny all the same. Hence, for me, he sounds like he's been living under Momputer's care for the past week, not years. Hence, character inconsistent with environment.
  4. Allow me to introduce you to the concept of DARK HUMOR: Notice how the maidens had phrases like "EAT ME" scrawled on their dresses made to look like cakes? Also, you're assuming the maidens died. All evidence points to them being alive and well. Evidence WE have, the characters don't. Or at least we have no idea whether they do or don't, as Vella never mentions or hears anyone mention maidens being dead or alive after being monster-munched. See, dark humor is where EVERYONE's having fun with serious themes. Addams Family or Beetlejuice are some of my favourite movies, actually. And yet if the main protagonist in these movies was someone NOT having fun and treating it all SERIOUSLY, it just wouldn't fit. We wouldn't know anymore whether to treat someone being decapitated as funny or tragic, because some characters would laugh and play volleyball with the head, while others would cry their eyes out, get depressed and go overdose on drugs, Requiem For A Dream-style. That wouldn't be good comedy anymore. The thing that breaks Vella's story for me personally is that these aren't random background NPCs being killed off - they're friends of the protagonistess (to coin a word). She introduces some themes of SAVING THE VILLAGE (that's her being serious), but at the same time she doesn't mind people being eaten (that's not so serious, all of a sudden). Even Shay can't really decide whether the environment and missions are boring out of one's skull ("What difference does it make. It tastes the same anyway.") or exciting ("Let's save that train wreck!"). In-context consistency isn't there. You want me to refer to a science fiction TV show for its realistic portrayal of space travel? Don't you think it would be better to refer to our actual space programs, or to research missions in Antarctica, or to military personnel stuck for months in a submarine? I'm referring you to a sci-fi show for a semi-realistic portrayal of people stuck for years in an enclosed space. Realistic enough for viewers not to throw popcorn at the screen. That's one of my arguments - clearly we have an insane character with a death wish. No wonder, being treated like a toddler for years anyone could snap. But that makes a comic relief character we can't really identify with. When he's put to work on "saving creatures", suddenly he's a responsible, self-sacrificing (ship is in danger!) hero. What gives? The transition is too rapid.
  5. I see no reason why we shouldn't compare BA to DOTT - that's the type of game we were promised, right? Another game by Tim. And if you think Tim, you think DOTT, or FT, or GF... And, naturally, you think of screens with dozens of clickable and interactive or at least "lookable" elements. The worst part of BA is that every screen is almost barren, with little to no extra "flavor" detail.
  6. Yeah, and being sacrificed by your family to death by tentacled monster is brilliant comedy material. Umm, nope. These are all simple fantasy settings not really teeming with meanings. I don't suppose we're expected to take the clouds as some metaphor for anything not already mentioned directly by the buoyancy cultists, it's just a visual setting. Clouds or no clouds, the people living there behave like a perfectly proper dysfunctional family in a cult setting - guy follows guru, obedient wife follows, kids rejoice or feel dragged along. Same old, same old. The setting is odd, but behaviours work fine. (Although I expected them to have ANY sort of reaction at the now-available ladder down.) I do suppose, however, that in any world a certain logic of life and death exists. People can be "saved", "abandoned", "attacked", etc. They can thus be expected to have some sort of self-preservation instinct. The fact that it's so completely missing in all the "maidens", as well as in Vella's behaviour (not even once trying to save the sacrifices, just "kill the monster and save the village" over and over) is what jars me. This is pretty heavy stuff - human sacrifice, honour, duty - and it's dealt with in such a lightweight manner as if it was the most normal thing in the world, for everyone, including our rebellious heroine. In Shay's case - I don't suppose the yarn will have any deeper meaning as far as the ship's propulsion goes - again it's just a visual thing, matching the crochet toy theme of the ship. It's just there to be hackable, as any navigation system could be somehow hacked into, whether with a screwdriver or a crochet hook. However, I do suppose that being cooped up in a Teletubbies ship for years would leave more than just a slightly bored impression. If the boy is bored out of his skull, then - perhaps this is the key? - we don't have enough hot spots to click, through which we could get Shay to provide the commentary illustrating his utter, years-long, excruciating, mind-boggling boredom. We get just a few lines of mild snark. Refer to the final Stargate SG-1 episode for an example of what happens to people locked on a ship for years...
  7. Try as I might, I cannot fathom what's the snake for. I've completed the game already, of course, but now I'm pondering. So you walk up to the tree, you get snaked, you blow the horn, you get unsnaked. There's nowhere to go past the snake, it's just there for... what, wrapping up the "east, or maybe west, can't remember" line? Or did I fail to notice something? Was that an Easter Egg of some sort, or what?
  8. Give fundies a break, it's hard to live such a rule-bound life without some "moral" guidance. As long as they're not trying to get games banned basing on their morality scores, let them do as they please, I say I wonder where did they find sexual innuendos in BA, though. Potty humor, oh, yes. Innuendos 8/10? I wonder how they'd review Larry Reloaded, then, would that be 20/10 or more..?
  9. Oh, I never said anything about THIS particular case. Having enjoyed backer benefits already IS indeed eating half the dinner and requesting a full refund. I'm just saying the area SHOULD be open, as long as valid points are made. Like, if I back an epic game that promises 20 screens and 30 puzzles, and I get a mediocre flop with 5 screens and 1 puzzle, I think I would request a refund, too - on the grounds of NOT FULFILLING THE CONTRACT. We didn't get such specifics in the case of BA, just "a lovingly created game by the people we trust", so there are hardly grounds for a "contract breach" accusation here.
  10. Ah, but therein lies the trap - it's all too easy to excuse everything as a metaphor. A metaphor's "fact base" also has to be consistent, because every crack in physics or psychology will have to have a representation in the metaphor-verse, too.If, say, two characters are very similar but fight over everything, it's a "sibling rivalry" metaphor, but if they're presented as too different personas, the "siblings are not clones" metaphor creeps in, and may not be wanted at this point. The way Vella completely ignores the fact that those "chosen" by the monster are DEAD (as far as SHE knows, anyway; she knows nothing of Shay's creature quarantine storage, after all) brings a whole new set of metaphors to the foreground: "egocentric; save yourself, ignore others", "they doomed themselves and couldn't be saved". Oddly, this spins a negative-sacrifice metaphor: instead of "sacrifice myself, save everyone" we have "save myself, sacrifice everyone, maybe saving future people". Was that really planned there..? I get the feeling that just a few more lines of dialogue here and there could have fleshed it out better. It's very dissimilar. They're not kept in hug-games and on high chairs with talking "food encouragement" spoons till they're teenagers. Homeschoolers are stuffed with books, science toys, learning games and all "teen" stuff completely missing from the spaceship. How does Shay even know how to READ, when there's not a single book in sight, while there's piles of colorful blocks and toddler toys every-gorram-where?
  11. I believe every tool in the box of a narrator has a purpose. If there's a world we need an introduction for, there should be an intro movie. If we're better left exploring, the lack thereof and leaving the player in control is better. In the case of BA, the expositions done by the little girl and by "you know that" Momputer were slightly too hand-holding, and would've been indeed better off left as intros. Tiny intros. Think Loom. You didn't have to just walk around and explore from scratch - there was the Messenger Nymph making the introduction for us. (And there's the waking up scenario trope, too!)
  12. Oh dear. So many of you don't seem to understand the rules on which Kickstarter operates, or didn't read their terms and rules. KICKSTARTER IS NOT A CHARITY FUNDRAISER. THESE WERE NOT DONATIONS YOU MADE, THESE WERE PLEDGES. Ahem. Sorry for the yell. The difference is that you ARE, contractually, promised a certain product for which you merely PAID IN ADVANCE. If the project owner fails to deliver the promised goods - at all, or they're of quality inferior to what was promised, or too different to fulfill the promise's specifics - you ARE entitled to try to settle a dispute through whatever means available. Kickstarter clearly states that while THEY are not responsible for the product's final success and THEY can't handle take-backsies, supporters CAN try to resolve issues directly with the project starter, if any arise.
  13. Remaining ALIVE, instead of being DEAD by eating by a monster is a pretty big deal for anyone, brainwashed or prepared or not. If she'd been properly prepared, she wouldn't have thought of escaping. Seeing as she did, she clearly wasn't entirely deluded like the other "come eat me Mog Chothra" maidens. And yet no big fuss is made of it. She never tries to rescue anybody else beside herself, either. All in all, she represents two approaches at the same time: DENIAL - kill the monster, break tradition, there's gotta be another way - and ACCEPTANCE - it's all right to be eaten if you want to, not a big deal, family shame is understandable. No, of course he didn't suspect. But after living for YEARS in a Teletubbies ship, one would either rebel way earlier - kids' first "I'm not a little boy anymore" phases are about the age of FIVE, and Shay's clearly more than that - or would grow up as a 1-year-old child stuck in an oddly large body, in other words, retarded.
  14. An interesting approach indeed, though keep in mind that Shay's "rescued defenseless cuddly creatures" are supposedly kept alive in holding for "quarantine", so there's a chance the girls weren't actually eaten. What was their purpose - to prepare a mate for the growing Shay, perhaps - remains a mystery for now.
  15. I found it partially satisfying, with a sour note in two chords: 1. DRAGGING. Touch screens aren't exactly reliable in that area, neither are touchpads, or even mice at times. I accidentally dropped the used item while trying to drag it onto a target object. I'd definitely prefer a two-click system - click item in inventory, have it stick to cursor, click it on a destination. 2. INVENTORY OVERLAY. Many times I was just trying to click some hotspot at the bottom of the screen, only to see the inventory pop up instead. There shouldn't be hotspots so close to the bottom left corner of the screen (exits in clouds, fish chowder, etc)
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