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  1. I also can confirm tht the update for the US version arrived on my Asian (Taiwan) PS3 today and the Adventurer does indeed jump off the ladder now. While my save file did not actually get deleted, the game ignored it until I copied the backed up version back :confused: The file that was still there had apparently not even been changed, at least the file's time stamp was the same as before the update...
  2. Thanks, I didn't ireally think t was pulled but thought of the possibility. But that leaves me wondering why my version doesn't update. Is there a way to "push" (or should it be "pull"?) the update?
  3. I also purchased in the US Store, using my Asia (Taiwan) PS3. I have not revived an update Has the update been withdrawn, possibly because the issue with deleted save files...? If it's supposed to be still there, can the update be forced, somehow? I tried reinstalling (kept my save file though) and also starting the game with the US account, but to no avail.
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