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  1. Thanks for the update. Confirming that my Asian PS3 bought in Hong Kong got updated.It will delete the save date so I kept a backup copy of my save file in the online storage for playstation plus. another reason why its worth being a member for PS Plus =D cheers.
  2. I downloaded The Cave from US PSN Store, I did sent a mail to support. And this is their response : "Very sorry to hear you have run into this issue. This was a problem we found with Japanese PS3’s, the newest update does have a fix for it but unfortunately you may lose your save data. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and trouble this has caused. Though in the US PSN store the newest update *should* be live now so you should be seeing the update on your PS3 soon." As you can you see it is possible to get the update through US PSN Store. But from I've been seeing, people with Asian PS3 are not getting any update through the US PSN Store, I'm using US PSN but I still don't get prompt for update.
  3. (Again) I tried turning on my Asian PS3 and started The Cave in hopes of update, still no prompt for update. I got game update for some other games I bought from the US PSN Store but The Cave still no update for me. I'm starting to think that all Asian PS3 will not get update. Please look into it cause we can't play Adventurer unless we get the update. (I don't mind losing my saved data, I just want to play bug free) 8-/
  4. I'm having the same issue, my PS3 is Asian, it doesn't update. I try re-installing and start the game but it doesn't prompt me for update. Is there a way to update manually? I would love to try, cause it doesn't update automatically .
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