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  1. Hey Double Fine! I was born on Monkey Island and bought 3 formats of Psychonauts and 2 Brutal Legend's. What piece of merchandise gives you the biggest kickbacks and screams at producers "Give these guys a blank check and don't write them any notes from your marketing department"?
  2. Double teams don't matter, just have to produce that unit repeatedly. The easiest way is to make a Custom game at the feeding pit with no one else in it then hit start, you'll be free to capture every fan geyser and send wave after wave of whatever unit's art you need into the mouth of the pit. Only Ironheade art is needed for 100% stats.
  3. Post what you have in your stats menu, anything thats a number / a number.
  4. In my experience you just have to stand there, it is possible there are two requirements, having stood there for 5 minutes and having upgraded it X number of times.
  5. Indeed it does! Thanks for pointing that out.
  6. He does not show up on the map.
  7. You have to go back to the Stonehenge west of bladehenge and speak to the hunter again for the achievement and a reward.
  8. (OPTIONAL) While not needed for 100% and the metal god achievement, I had wasted a lot of time trying to get the ghost horse concept art, which does not exist. Here is a list of Beast concept arts, which can be unlocked by killing a number of them on foot while targeting them, or so it seems in my experience: Razorfire Boar Tollusk Raptor Elk Fan Leech (Story related) Hextadon Metal Queen/Chrom Recluse (Story related) Sickle Wraith Guillotar Laser Panther
  9. For 100% completion in singleplayer stats, I suspect the Beast, Drowning Doom, and Tainted Coil concept arts are all not required. The stages you get by holding hte mic for 5 minutes total, the units you get by building that unit over and over again (into the feeding pit works), and for beasts kill that beast on foot while targeting it. Here's a list of the Ironheade concept arts in order, to see what you are missing: Eddie Riggs Ophelia Lars Halford Lita Halford Kill Master Mangus Demon Eddie Roadie Razor Girl Headbanger* Thunderhog Fire Baron Headsplitter Metal Beast & Zaulia Rock Crusher Bouncer Megastage
  10. For beasts, kill them on foot while targeting them. For Units, build that unit a number of times (summoning them over and over into the feeding pit works). For each factions stage, hold onto the mic for a total of 5 minutes.
  11. So you collected every Serpent, Spark Plug, Song, Mission, Vista, etc. and were surprised that your still at 99%? The stats screen shows you don't have concept arts, but it turns out you do not need them all. I got to 100% just now and am missing 1 beast concept art, 9 drowning doom arts, and 10 tainted coil arts. The thing I needed to get to have 100%, was the concept art of Ironheade's stage, to get this, you must stand on the stage holding the mic for a total of 5 minutes, this can be done in AI practice. After having spent hours killing beasts on foot to get their arts, I did this to get the final Ironheade concept art of the Stage, then the Metal God achievement.
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