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  1. Dear Leader! Which is surprising for me as I wasn't even remotely interested in it at pitch, but it's turned out to be pretty amazing, I love the art style and I think it is pretty unique even if it combines elements from other games. (I feel like it's The Movies meets Tropico) I agree with the comment that it would be a good app/mobile game, It's simple enough (at this stage) to keep me interested on a mobile but perhaps a little static for pc play. I wouldn't mind seeing Mnemonic fleshed out as well, but I think that could do with a lot more work. The original pitch was all about things fitting into shapes at different angles etc and I feel like the prototype was a bit 'flat' in that sense, though it was nice to see how an audio memory worked (leading to some serious freaky potatoes.) Honestly after playing the prototype LPBB just completely lost me, too unnecessarily dark, broken and disjointed. I had always envisioned it being a 2D touch game, 3D just kind of threw it off immediately for me and the controls would need serious work. I just didnt understand the potato end, it made no sense at all. Steed was pretty, and cool but as others have said it's kinda like Spyro or another platformer, it was a nice concept though.
  2. Nevermind! Attached a USB mouse, but it's perhaps worth thinking about if it gets made fully.
  3. Hey guys, Little bit late to the party but really enjoyed all the documentary work and now working my way through the games. I am however having a frustrating issue with this prototype in that I can't hold down right click and click the left button to interact at the same time. I'm using a Dell windows laptop running Windows 7. I've had a look at my trackpad settings, and there's nothing to over-ride this sort of 'locking' activity. It doesn't even mention it. Tried to play using a gamepad but turns out I have the wrong hardware, so apart from I guess using a USB mouse I'm struggling. Any ideas?
  4. Coming into this late I'm seeing a lot of other name suggestions that I think would've fit the game much better. I kind of associate age to mean one thing, one time, where as the game is set in parallel dimensions.. many times. But I suppose if you're coming at it from the aspect of the characters age(s).. meh.
  5. I'll definitely have a look at Mission Critical, it's also led me to discover Orion Conspiracy, which looks pretty good. I've heard good things about the Blade Runner game but I've never been keen on FMV's, too slow and bitty for my liking besides I doubt I could run it. Is it DOS Box compat? I might try the star trek one though, I remembered there was a pnc star trek game but could never find it. Gemini Rue looks a bit grittier and (dare I say scary? Such a wuss..) more actioney than I'd like. Resonance's sequences were few and qualitative, more broken sword like, Gemini uses the keyboard for something? taumel- Yeah I'm a fan of the dig, but not big into text adventures, or shooters. I prefer exploration and setting my own pace, not having to gun down aliens or space bandits. Haha and no way I'm going to play Dead Space.
  6. So I was posting on the unknown adventure games thread about Legacy Dark Shadows & The Moment of silence and it occurred to me (although it has before) that I really like the sci fi genre in point and click adventures. Games like Dreamfall, Omikron and Beneath a steel sky, that also feature futuristic domestic settings, not just like space ships and pow pow. It's partly why I like the concept of Mass Effect, but I've only just gotten into it. Anyone got any favourite sci-fi adventures to recommend?
  7. Amen. I bailed on Dreamfall, which was a shame because it was a beautiful game.
  8. Having to go through all of these before posting one is painful, as more that you wanna post have already been, but it does make me happy to think I'm somewhat of a connosieur, having played so many of these titles.. To mention some I get excited about that others have posted: Sanitarium Eternam Amazon Queen Omikron - one of my favourites Gilbert goodmate - was a dire game though, in my opinion. Igor: Objective Companions of Xanth among many other I have yet to play the blackwell saga and a new beginning. Surprised no-ones mentioned Resonance (or is it that well known it's assumed?) Kinda annoying that a lot of people skip over the "not well known" part of the thread title when they're posting some of these up. Here are my contributions: Legacy Dark Shadows The Moment of Silence (though I may be taking for granted that it could be better known than I think..) Pretty much on my top ten PnC's EVER.
  9. As some other people have said.. Twitter needs commercials? Since when haha Either way good to get a recognisable face in there! I'm thinking the other 'business owners' weren't name drops? Or....?
  10. No idea where I got mine, I think someone makeshifted it, I just let my computer resize it /lazy
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