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  1. I could watch these episodes forever. I love Tim Schafer... <3 In terms of difficulty I saw other people bickering about; Tim is right, the difficulty is fine. The days of being able to spend 4 hours stuck on one single puzzle in a game are in the past. If you make a game too hard, people will not keep trying like they would have 15 years ago, they'll either A. give up, or B. Google a walkthrough, which makes the game less enjoyable. The reason puzzles used to be more difficult was either A. they didn't make logical sense (Monkeywrench!), or B. the objects you needed for the puzzles were one pixel somewhere hidden on the screen. Now I know I'm painting this in black and white, and there are at least 50 shades of grey, but for the most part, I side with the developer.
  2. Oh god.... I lol'd so hard at Tim saying "You're playing it wrong" :lol:
  3. This documentary is so good... I nominate it for an Emmy. (FYI... I can't actually do that. But someone from Double Player should get on that process... it deserves one!)
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to drop in and mention that Europa 2022 is on Kickstarter! If you like space and adventure games (uh...Broken Age, anyone??), well then you'll love Europa! http://kck.st/16GcSMp Thanks!
  5. So incredible/inspiring to see inside this process. I can't WAIT for episode 10 of this documentary... I bought Amnesia Fortnight for the documentary, too. So please continue to let us into your world in the future...your world rocks. Double Fine/2 Player Productions, well done!
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