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  1. Hello all I have a problem while trying to boot up The Cave. My screen goes black and I receive "Mode not supported". Now I have looked at this problem all over the internet and I am unable to find a solution. I have tried screen.dat, I have tried setting launch options. I am using a flat screen HD TV but I am connecting via VGA not HDMI. From GPU > DVI-to-VGA adapter > VGA cable > HDTV. Windows 7 home Premium i7 3.4GHz Nvidia GTX560 6GB RAM Asus PT6 850w PSU V8 turbo CPU cooler No overclocking is going on, and I have max case fans my LCD temp control on front of my PC says that nothing is over heating and my system is well maintained and looked after. I am no techy but I am pretty sure the problem is with signals going down VGA to my HDTV. Either VGA cannot take the signal or my HDTV that has a resolution of 1360x768 cannot take the incoming signal that I believe is a much higher resolution. Can anyone help me with a fix? Can double fine release a fix for what is a common set up? Any help is very much appreciated because I still have yet to enjoy yet another game from the legend himself. Kind regards Mak EDIT: Since no answers have been found for my problem, swapping the VGA cable for HDMI worked SO. This game dose not support VGA cables, the devs need to put this information with the game since ppl that don't have HDMI GPU will not be able to play this game.
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