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  1. Hi all, First of all, this game is fantastic. In order to enjoy it even more, here are some things I have noted: 1) The battle concept should be turn base so that we can really plan it correctly. A little bit like heroes of might and magic saga when you enter in combat mode, you have time to cast spells and make attacks. The problem now is that it goes so fast that if you are using 4 heroes, you don't understand what is happening. 2) Is it possible to zoom out on the map with all the city in order to see everything in one screen (this is for the iPad) so that we don't have to scroll everywhere to collect coins. 3) Is it possible to save a configuration of heroes to go into an attack. I am using different configurations of heroes for different type of villains and it would be great to have a little button to save and load this config instead of having to chose which hero in which position and which power he will use. 4) Some side quests would be nice if we are considering an evolution of our heroes from city to city and make them a bit more difficult so that we need some side quests in some cases. Maybe an idea would be to have some side quests with other players on the internet but I guess that would be a tremendeous work. 5) As I said, last boss (allien) is way too difficult compared to the other ones . Anyway, thank you for the great work, John.
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