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  1. Well, after more than a month, I've had enough of virtually no response. I've uninstalled the game, and have cancelled my pre-order for Double Fine's next game. They say to vote with your wallet, well, that's what I've done. Sorry. Fix it, or don't, at this point I just don't care any more.
  2. There's actually an easier way to do that, and it can be done with anyone: SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Carry the hotdog with you from the start of the game. You get it in the prologue, where you need to toss a hotdog onto the spiked pit to catch the monster with the grapple. Get a second hotdog and take it with you. As for which people to take, I recommend taking the Monk, Hillbilly and Time Traveller.
  3. Yes, I got it through the PS+ promotion. I can verify that it is happening on a friend of mine's PS3 also, and he too has PS+
  4. That'd be nice, it's been 3 days. Not impressed with the support thus far. I did another test on my own while waiting, and have figured out that the save file has nothing to do with it. I patched the game again, on purpose, started a game, got to the point where I would get a Trophy (the Mine stage with the 3 deaths at once), and save/quit the game. I then uninstalled the game, kept my save file, re-downloaded the game again (reference to the Key speech at the end of the game ), and continued my game without patching. I then got the trophy for getting killed 3 times. I did not, however, get the trophy from the Knight stage retroactively. -Incredibly frustrated.
  5. So I downloaded The Cave, and started playing it. I got a couple of the trophies (Shoplifting - stealing the postcard, and Well Done - roasting the hotdog), and then real life happened, and I took a break from the game. When I returned after some time, there was a new patch! It automatically downloaded overnight due to PS+ subscription, and I was ready to go. I continued my game, figuring out things as I went, and then returned the postcard that I carried through the whole game. No Trophy. I should also have received several others for tasks accomplished during the game - such as Royal Buffet or What You Always Wanted, but didn't get any at all. I thought I might have done something wrong - so I started a new game, and this time looked up the trophy guide, to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong. I took the Knight, as I had done that level previously, and I didn't get the trophy, but now I knew where it was - follow the King to the Princesses bedroom at the end of the level. Well I did that, and no trophy. So I called Playstation support. They had not had any complaints about The Cave, but they had me reset the console and do a forced filesystem cleanup, just in case. I also deleted The Cave, deleted my save file, and re-downloaded and installed it. Next step, I started up the game, manually applied the 1.01 patch (instead of having PS+ do it for me overnight), and did exactly the same thing - started a new game, took the Knight, went to get that trophy, and still didn't get it. At this point I thought I was doing something wrong, so I looked up the Trophy Guide again, watched the video, and figured out I was doing things exactly right - I just wasn't getting the trophies. So I uninstalled the game, wiped the save file again, turned off PS+ auto-updating, re-downloaded it a third time, and started the game up without applying the 1.01 patch. Again selecting the Knight as one of my characters, I repeated the same process as before and presto! I got the trophy! Hurray! The next day, I continued my game, and applied the 1.01 patch accidently. While it was downloading, I figured everything would be okay, since I got a Trophy yesterday, and everything should be fine and dandy. Of course, when I got to the next section where I should get a Trophy (Fire in the Hole - 3 deaths from the miner simultaneously), suprise surprise, no Trophy. Uninstall, re-download, re-install, continue game without patching, get killed, and the Trophy is mine. Conclusion: 1.01 does not let you get Trophies. Not sure if it's because I started under 1.0 and then patched later or if it's just the patch. Since I deleted my save game, the first scenario seems unlikely. Please advise.
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