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  1. Erery wherr! Awesome game guys! This is literally the only game, nay app, on my iPhone that I have paied for with money! Like, real, credit card monies!
  2. I know about the late reply, but still... "Either that, or I’m really diving too deep into this game. What do you think? " Prolly this, but you do have a point. Perception, even in the game skews itself from person to person. Take clairvoyance, everyone sees Raz in a different light, and by using the transitive property...yeah. Also, this is semi-related:
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome folks! If you need anything of me (like nachos) I frequent the Gearbox forums for Borderlands mostly, so you can find me there. Sure! @flesk: Dunno if we can be friends... Do you hate Gnarles or just that song? O_o *Back to lurk mode alpha*
  4. Likewise Kirby. Just gonna lurk for a bit if that's OK
  5. ACTION! There's always a need for it! So I will take action and post for the very first time! Hello! I'm That_Guy42 and I'm a Psychonut. That's a Psychonauts fanatic for short. Coincidentally I am also a Double Fine fan because Double Fine stands for the everything gaming is supposed to be for: integrity, fan service, awesome sandwiches, rock and roll, and good times. So I'll just be hanging around keeping tabs on y'all for news and awesomeness! Have a good one!
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