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  1. I don't know, maybe the knew lighting is more realistic(?), but the old extreme darkness when obstructing the projector seemed to me just like a scene with a projector in a film noir would look, while in the remastered version it looks just like any other scene. I haven't played very far yet, so I don't know if its just this scene or whether previously stark lighting contrasts are now treated this way in general, but it seems much less athmospheric.
  2. I also got that endless waves bug... am at least 15 waves in. My other concern is that it only started getting vaguely challenging past wave 10, after my two alchemists had used up all their bombs (all heroes are level 10, so each has 10 bombs plus two bee hives) and my only, slow Caberjack was teleported to the far end of the map by a Twitcher, while the rest was getting stormed by masses of Twitchers near the chalice.
  3. All of them have review embargos. Because other countries have their own press in their own languages, which writes reviews suited to their release schedule? And some people are trying to retcon into existence that they explicitly backed an old school point and click adventure game THAT'S EXACTLY LIKE THOSE LUCAS ARTS USED TO DO IN THE EARLY 90s. Example: Broken Sword had no verbs at all, and as a 1996 release it fits any sane definition of "old school" (and I'm sure it couldn't have been the first).
  4. From the video I got the impression the "problem" was more with bloggers and small sites, who have little/no experience with embargos, or even getting access to games before launch?
  5. Btw. was I the only one who found the main spoiler for act 1 in the video REALLY unnecessary? It's just to show a few reactions of people streaming the game, which doesn't seem to add anything of value to the episode. (I'm aware that there are spoilers in the concept art discussion later, but those are very minor compared to that big one.)
  6. Wasn't the game on sale for a short time, too? I think it was also discounted on GOG.com when it first got on there, but I don't know/remember if that fits in the time frame. And on Steam, pricing for other regions can be wildly different (although at least the EU price seems to amount to almost the same in this case if you substract tax).
  7. Wow, Tim seemed... pretty cranky through parts of this, and yet it was strangely fun to watch.
  8. Better would be to just keep running the message even while in the folder, IMHO.
  9. This requires some steps, but you can setup an English keyboard layout and switch to it in the game. In Windows 7 (I assume it's similar in Vista and 8), you'd have to go into the system settings and find "Region und Sprache" (might be that you have to switch something to get the full system settings), there under "Tastaturen und Sprache" you can get to a window that allows you to add more input schemes. After adding an English input scheme, in that same window, you can click on the tab "Erweiterte Tastatureinstellungen" to see/change the keyboard shortcut to switch between the input languages while in the game.
  10. Oh, cool, I saw that page, but since it said AF2012, I thought it would only include those I already have. So it was Costume Quest and not Stacking.
  11. Hi! I'm just now getting into this Amnesia Fortnight thing and was delighted to see that the Humble Bundle deal also included the 2012 prototypes. However, I seem to vaguely remember the yet older prototypes that turned into Once Upon a Monster, Stacking, etc. were also offered in a bundle at some time? I was wondering if there was still any way to obtain those.
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