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  1. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but if you want to watch said event, it's being livestreamed here: horizon.venuspatrol.com - or - www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/13/e3-2013-watch-horizon-indie-game-conference I know I'll be watching! (Source: @brandonnn)
  2. What a way to capture the feeling & experience of Broken Age! So awesome to be a part of this; the video turned out great. In my attempt to be concise in order to meet some imaginary/arbitrary time constraint, I realize now that I ended up talking a mile a minute which probably didn't fit well into the pace of this video, so I'm even more thrilled that a clip of mine made the cut. Thanks Double Fine/2PP for including us in all of the ways you do, and thanks to everyone who submitted – I've watched some of these videos multiple times and it was great to see them all again alongside their inspiration. Also... ...you're not alone! I used my home studio equipment (which I quickly learned is not adaptable to video recording) and mine still turned out pretty rough. I was shooting for appropriate volume compared to some of the other videos, and while I achieved my goal it was unfortunately accompanied by a torrent of noise. Obviously, however, 2PP did a great job dealing with our messes.
  3. Well, better almost late than never, right? Guess my commitment post worked. Here ya' go! yjL_YBEY5SQ
  4. Okay so this is a public statement of commitment. I'm planning to record my video tonight, and if I don't post it by tomorrow you all have my permission to hunt me down and hold my cat/gerbil/landlord hostage until I grab a camera and spill something usable. (Or don't, I'm just a forum post.) A few observations/notes: 1. I've been watching the videos as they've been coming in (for inspiration/examplification) and they're all great. Can't wait to see what Double Fine puts together. 2. I've been lurking since I slacker-backed a few months ago, and although I'm not posting much (aka at all - this is #1!) I still feel like I'm part of an awesome community. 3. Petrucio, unlurking is a much more concise way to say most everything from #2, so whether you invented the term or not, thanks for the addition to my intarweb vocabulary. So, expect to see a video of my beautiful mug here by tomorrow evening, or ridicule me until I follow through!
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