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  1. Thanks for confirming but the bug Phoenix! I've read that The Cave is much more enjoyable to play with a gamepad so I am bummed to see that the game doesn't like the Rumblepads. I'm surprised as they are fairly well-regarded controllers. I have gone so far as to map all the buttons to the keyboard to try and bypass the gamepad recognition but no go. At least it seems this is not some weird anomaly with only my setup. Hopefully they will get this taken care of in the next update.
  2. I am running The Cave with latest update 2 on Windows 7 x64. I have a pair of GeForce GTS 250 with latest forceware drivers. My problem is that the framerate won't go beyond 8 fps when I have my Cordless Rumblepads plugged in. If I remove one rumblepad from my usb hub, framerate goes to 11 but no further. As soon as I remove the 2nd controller, framerate shoots to 30 which is where I expect it to be. I am running at 1680x1050 with vsync and other advanced graphics parameters on. If I try plugging the controllers directly into the back of my tower, at first the framerate stays at 30 but the controllers are no longer recognized by the game. I have to exit and restart the game, but the framerate starts at 12. Now if I remove 1 it goes up to 24 but no further. So I've concluded that there are 2 issues. First, the game does not like these controllers. Second, it likes them a LITTLE better if I don't have them hooked through a hub. But it still doesn't like them. I have tried reinstalling video drivers, I have tried disabling SLI, no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!
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