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    Lead Composer for No More Room in Hell on Steam! Check out NMRiH: http://store.steampowered.com/app/224260/ My Soundtrack can be found here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/310660/
  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean there. For me, Costume Quest requires leaves falling outside and warm apple cider (and random other Fall Related stuff). "The season is the reason," you could say. Now that it's been snowing where I live for the last week, it seems I can try out Grubblins on Ice on my iPad earlier than I thought I would this year.
  2. I'm so glad to hear this is being patched. I Purchased it first on the PC but bought the WiiU version to support that system and you guys again, but the difference in the two versions I was playing was almost breathtakingly shocking. After playing Bayonetta 2, I was finding it hard to believe that the WiiU wasn't capable of maintaining over 20fps for long periods of times in CQ2. Going to a door for trick or treating and 90% of the battles put me around 8fps. Also when it would lag badly, I would get a sound glitch. That was the version I was having my 7 year old play (to keep him away from Dad's PC of course) and he was getting Motion Sickness when they were on the skates! Still a fan of this company to the end, but I was saddened by this.
  3. That's a total for all the purchases. It's on the main page. It doesn't reflect charity or humble tip distributions. The total amount of revenue is listed right above the part of the page where you make your own payment. But that doesn't represent how much is coming to DF specifically--part of it goes to charity, part goes to Humble, part goes to the online merchants that conduct the transactions, etc. And we can't predict it perfectly because individual buyers can allocate their payment however they want. So we won't know how much we as DF actually clear until after the bundle ends--and even then I think it takes several days for Humble to do a full audit. I always love that these go to charity and I of course like to support Humble Bundle, but this is the first time I have honestly wanted all, if not most, of the cash flow to be set to the developer. Double Fine love....
  4. High five video card bro! (Only I've got 2GB video RAM.) Getting these games on Linux is a good enough reason to play through them again. I am rolling with a Geforce GT 650 2GB on my laptop powered by an i7 3630Q 2.40ghz
  5. I could stomach $35 for the shirt, problem is it would cost $70 to get it and it would be $70 because I own all the games already (some of them more than once), so there's no value for me there. So, as much as I would like it, it's just too expensive for me. Why not pay the lower amount for the Soundtracks? I have yet to see a Humble Bundle that has not added a game or two to the mix of games half way through the sale. If something is missing there is a good chance it may show up later as a bonus. Honestly, any video that comes from Double Fine is pure gold to me. Nintendo banked off it's Pokemon show...Double Fine could easily keep attention to it's company by keeping the videos going even after Broken Age releases. Please Double Fine don't end the magic!
  6. Currently $8.11 or more gets you Brutal Legends and everything before it.
  7. This has got to be the greatest thing....EVER!!! This is going to be the first Humble Bundle that I put the max amount to the Developer only.... http://www.humblebundle.com/ Games include: Costume Quest (An absolute favorite of mine... TY DF!) Psychonauts Stacking Brutal Legend Broken Age ($35+) T-Shirt ($70+) I own all these games on multiple platforms but I am still going to do this for the support and especially the soundtracks! Happy Days!
  8. Oh Nice. I need to get that update when I get home from Work! Is the VC on there?
  9. Supposed to come with a Software update that will speed up the menus significantly. Should be coming shortly but I don't know an exact date.
  10. I too have the Nintendo WiiU. I love it! On top of the two games that were mentioned by Pudding22, I also have a blast with Ninja Gaiden 3, Nintendo Land, Lego City and Assassin's Creed 3. The store is growing and they keep treating us early adopters with goodies like Punch Out for $0.30 and most recently Kirby's first game on the NES for $0.30. It looks great on my big TV so they did very good work bringing it over. Also, the system swap program to bring all my Wii saves over worked very well. I was about half way through Skyward Sword and now playing it on my WiiU makes it like a whole new game. Having the system upscale it through HDMI to 1080p makes normal Wii Games way more vibrant and crisp. The text in Skyward Sword for example is crystal clear compared to how it was on my Wii. Also on my Wii, I had an upconverting HDMI adapter that I was using as well. So I can say that the WiiU goes well above and beyond what those 3rd party adapters were able to achieve. All in all, the community is amazing, the system is charming and the games are a blast. I have no complaints. The concept that I can pause my game anytime and post a screenshot on forums populated by the polar opposite of the Call of Duty community, makes me very happy. No trolling, just nice people. I love it.
  11. Episode 9 rivaled most, if not all motivational documentaries that I have ever seen.
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