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  1. Penny Arcade Report interviews Tim about Psychonauts

    His philosophy on the collectibles was actually quite interesting, I'd never thought of it like that.
  2. Europa

    You're playing with fire, Leroy!
  3. Everybody get random!

    Only 604% funded on the Kickstarter campaign. It's like they aren't even trying.
  4. Everybody get random!

    Hasn't it been a while since you've been here? I've been back for a little while, but yeah, I was gone for about a year. 'sup? [vimeo]36820781[/vimeo]
  5. x

    American Psycho is great, I very much enjoyed it. I have to work my way through the novel now.
  6. Everybody get random!

    I'm slightly annoyed that Kevin Rudd didn't get to be Australian Prime Minister again. Bloody Gillard.
  7. Most Obscure Game you've played

    Guardian's Crusade. Does anyone know it? It's a game where you're a knight in blue and you do stuff and things happen. I guess.
  8. Everybody get random!

    The forums are experiencing some turbulence, we're sorry for the inconvenience but hope you have a pleasant flight.
  9. Everybody get random!

    Ice Wolves are the worst. Well actually the worst is Frost Trolls, I hate Frost Trolls. But Ice Wolves are a close second. Frost trolls were easy with the ability to stagger enemies with archery, kiting all day.
  10. Everybody get random!

    Oh god, don't drink and post, kids.
  11. The Reading Thread

    Right now I'm reading Bonfire of the Vanities by (name which escapes me right now). It's pretty decent. Oh and Frankenstein, but I hate Gothic literature with a passion.

    I'm on a diet, so pretty much nothing except for protein rich foods is what I ate today. And salad.
  13. Everybody get random!

    I'm a little drunk right now, by which I mean I am tipsy and not an intoxicated dwarf. Doublefine action forums are the best!
  14. A Horrible Confession!

    I'd donate $500 kanga-dollars if it was for Psychonauts 2. Tim? Please?
  15. Everybody get random!

    It's a damn shame that the History Channel is actually like this. Give me more documentaries on Hitler and Pompey, not pop culture garbage or half baked conspiracy theories.
  16. Official DFAF Meme Guide (List in OP)

    Oingo Boingoing was my personal favourite meme. It was deliciously avant-garde.
  17. Everybody get random!

    So. Much. Clicking.
  18. i feel old

    woah where have you been In short: I got amnesia, thought I was a bear, and spent the last couple of months catching salmon with my mouth in a river.
  19. i feel old

    22? You've got one foot in the crypt already!
  20. Everybody get random!

    MoThEr FrEaKiNg MiRaClEs, MaN.
  21. Everybody get random!

    Good news, everypony. EDIT: Holy hell, why is that so big? How do I fix this? EDIT2: Fixed, thanks Scarecrow (although, this generated thumbnail may expire within 72 hours. For posterity's sake, this was a picture of Professor Farnsworth as a pony).
  22. Everybody get random!

    Hey Warrior! What did I miss? Disclaimer: I probably missed a lot in the YEAR that I've been gone, so I don't really expect an answer to this question.
  23. Regarding letting you guys link images

    I'm back, and hipper than ever!