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  1. Had most of my views (or variants of them) not been expressed so expertly already in this topic, I would contribute, but as of now I find that I have nothing new to say. I'll just state my opinion.

    I believe that their mind has attained a greater clarity (consciously or not is up to speculation), giving their sphere of influence a stronger persuasion over the physical world. This allows them to alter matter as they see fit. Highly disciplined minds control not only the body, but the matter surrounding. It would be interesting to see the range of a psychonaut's powers.

  2. Oh man, I had to pause the video to tell you exactly how hard I laughed when you got destroyed by that boulder.

    Which is to say: A lot.

    I have a feeling this blind Let's Play is going to turn out great.

    Oh god, and again with the pushing the log off the tree. This is brilliant stuff.

  3. I just finished a great game against my brother in SSF4. It's really fun.

    Also, almost finished Megaman (on the NES) with no save states. It's not too hard once you know what you're doing.

    I have never been able to beat the Rock Monster (Yellow Devil) without using the Select button spam cheat. Everything else was fine.

    You just gotta learn the pattern of how he works, then you should be able to jump him every time. It's a god damn hard boss though.

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