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  1. A red dynamite two-storey house in the deep jungle of the amazon with head hunters as guards wearing black karate pants. And a billion trillion dollars inside. Which a team of commandos are going to to try to steal. The commandos are led by Rambo and his buddy Jesus.

    A repeating hum is heard in the back yard. It might be killer jungle bees. Maybe a flying space Piranha?

    “Who care’s what the hum is. Let’s get that money!” Shouts Jesus. “uh-oh i found out what that hum is it’s a blue British police box?” Rambo replied hastily and questioningly.

    And then suddenly, a wobbly space octopus fell from the sky.

  2. I wantz Bioshock 2. But certain things prevent me, at least at the moment QQ

    Anyway, I beat Halo 3 with my brother last night. Cruddy thing is, we played Heroic (difficulty) the entire time, we always played together and did the exact same thing, but he didn't get the 125 gamerscore points for beating the game on Normal, and the 125 for Heroic, both of which I got. I know achievement points don't REALLY matter, but it's still stupid that he didn't get them, especially since he has the achievement for beating each individual level, but not the whole game.

    Get him to check which level's he has completed, you've most likely missed the opening cutscene (which still counts as a level for some reason) and all you have to do is load it up on heroic.

    For him to check, he needs to sign in, go to campaign and look at the levels list. It SHOULD say next to them which difficulty he's completed it in.

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