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  1. Why did you put a picture of a g-man above the word satan?

    It says "Safari", as in, the web browser.

    This is awesomely radical. I expect screen shots of them in use.

    Comin' right up.

    wait, you have to ‘jailbreak’ the iphone just to change the icons and background? i didn’t realize it was that locked down (i don’t have one)

    Well, yeah, before the most recent update for the iPhone you had to jailbreak to change the background and icons. Now, you can change the background but not the icons.

  2. I think most people will agree that zeeman is the guy in his avatar. I mostly associate people with what their avatars are.

    Grid: A mildly insane Tim Schafer

    Miriku: That sea monster, only with hands

    Scarecrow: An author who's encapsulated by lesbians, really classic sort of British stereotype, I guess.

    Katez: A hat. Also with hands.

    Hot: Some super nerd who looks like that picture of steve

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