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  1. She couldn't say that she knew it was his mother? He wasn't gone, he was just running a few errands (cleaning up every side mission and collectible then cruising around). Ophelia is where you see her in the cutscene, Lita is in front of her brothers grave, the jungle girls are at the top of their temple and apparently the killmasters where you find him originally.

  2. Here is exactly what I did, I recommend you try this.

    From the very FIRST few seconds you have to be in the battle.

    Troop disruptions and just being annoying really help (ie, seek out his troops and melt their faces or just attack them).

    Facemelter solo is the key here. From the get go, spawn two headbangers, two razor girls and a bassist. Then, when the first headbanger spawns, send him straight to the fan geyser. Keep doing that as your troops spawn. As soon as they take one geyser, move them on to the next. Use your facemelter often. Don't spawn any more units, just wait until you have enough fans to upgrade. Upgrade your stage. TRY not to spawn more troops, if you find your existing force has been decimated then you haven't been disrupting his units properly. When you have control of all three fan geysers, upgrade your stage. As soon as you upgrade your stage, spawn 2-3 roadies. Set 1-2 of them onto one of the head and try to protect them as they attack. As soon as the head falls, drive into it. Then use those roadies on the second one. He will start spawning massive amounts of troops so you have to be fast. Set your army to defend and your roadies to attack the other head. Speed is of the essence here. As soon as the head gets taken down, drive into it, even if your stage is being attacked. Then quickly drive through the face and face (heh) the final boss.

    EDIT: Damn, you finished it. Oh well, my strategy still applies

  3. Most people are missing the Guillotar, the ones with the big guillotine on their back, otherwise:


    Razor boar

    Hextagon (or whatever the mammoth thing is called)

    Reaper horse

    Jungle beast

    Laser panther



    Forgive me if the names are wrong or I'm missing any, it's late and I'm tired.

  4. Are there any other things you noticed that were like this? I vaguely remember *SPOILER* the dialogue from after you kiss Ophelia after you finish the game (when she's waiting at the cross, not in the cutscene) being reminiscent of what Raz said to Lili. *END SPOILER*

  5. Has anyone else noticed the little homage to Psychonauts in the opening cutscene? Look and listen carefully when the non-metal guy walks out onto the spine (just before Eddie swears). I practically jizzed myself out of love when I saw that. This may have been posted somewhere else but I didn't find anywhere.

    And yes, I did just register here so I could point that out, but I've been lurking for months.

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