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  1. Keep a dream journal. Helps improve your dream recall skills, which are necessary to do well. You should be remembering four or five a night. Do reality checks whilst you're awake. If you don't know what a reality check is, google it. The point is that you should make it a habit to check whether you're awake or not, even when you "know" you're awake. The ultimate outcome of this is that you start doing it in dreams, and then you'll realise and become lucid. If that doesn't work, go to sleep for around six hours (hours vary from person to person, you need to aim to wake up right before your last and biggest REM sleep cycle) then get up and have a shower (again, the times vary from person to person. The sweet spot for staying awake seems to be about 45 mintues). Then go back to bed, close your eyes and count to 500. Maintain regular breathing if you can. When you enter sleep paralysis (you should know because your body tingles and vibrates) you should start to see patterns on the back of your eyelids. This won't happen right away. When you first see them, don't be frightened, as scaring yourself awake is how most people fail. Just leave them, don't interact with them but don't ignore them completely. The dream should start to form. This is when you switch your focus from external stimuli to internal stimuli. You can then "step into" the dream. It's a little more complex than that, but those are the basics.
  2. Super Meat Boy (great game, go buy it) Costume Quest (likewise) Halo: Reach Naughty Bear (one of my friends lent it to me) Waiting for Black Ops to drop. Rock Band 3 looks good, because it teaches you skills that you can adapt to real instruments. Pretty much what I've always wanted in an instrument game. Learning keyboard anyway.
  3. I've pretty much mastered dreaming, and can go lucid at will. Feels so good, man.
  4. I guess I might be back, not that anyone noticed my absence or anything. What's been crackin', DFAF? A little about why I was gone, in case anyone is interested: I was in the same boat as OriginalUsername until I just decided not to click that little icon every day. Great threads were being overshadowed by terrible spam topics that get 3 responses in each and the majority of the posts were either WarriorOfRock being stupid or people responding to WarriorOfRock being stupid and I just got fed up. I missed this place, though, here's to hoping it gets better. What I've been doing whilst gone: Playing Costume Quest (great game, by the way, enjoyed it all), learning piano, studying and writing a novella. Good news, everyone.
  5. Can't bloody wait to buy it tomorrow! I'm nearly dying with anticipation.
  6. I wonder if they're going to judge solely on the costume or the physical attractiveness of the model.
  7. Just completely exploded at my sister's babysitter for being a total bitch. Shit.
  8. To be fair, the actual poem Dante's Inferno is a brilliant story. I doubt the game did it justice.
  9. What do you get when you cross a chord with a mineshaft? A flat minor.
  10. Yeah, I had an art teacher who committed suicide by throwing herself under a train. Even if you don't know them personally it still comes as a bit of a shock. Did she die at school or what?
  11. I stick to the piano and become somewhat decent at playing. I drop Japanese faster than Mike Tyson would drop me America begins the gradual decline that will eventually leave China as a superpower
  12. I've stopped getting email notifications, so I stopped checking the forums. Hoping it's just taken a hiatus. I'm thinking of writing a novel.
  13. Eh, I don't care much about editing out misatkes unless it's getting someone's name wrong (which I have done)
  14. I hope they don't pursue Natal (yeah, screw that new name) because I don't want to buy one. Ever. Or maybe there's some repressed part of me that does, who's to say?
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