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  1. I don't think I will, you can't sucker me in with promises of whimsy and wonderment.
  2. The internet is coming apart at the seams. Steve is everywhere. Steve is everyone. Steve is everything.
  3. Has anyone seen Muse's new video for their song MK Ultra? It's part of a line of music videos that are designed to raise awareness about human trafficking and how it impacts our lives. The video is entitled "Some Things Cost More Than You Think." It really is worth a watch. Anyway, all of this is spearheaded by MTV Exit which is the section of MTV that is focussed on charity (not concerned with what guido douchebags are doing). I think it's good that they're giving back after taking so so much from the music industry. What are your thoughts on MTV Exit or human trafficking in general?
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  5. Fixed it, should be working. It's like the one in the image, only it's not bumpy and rigid, it's smooth and elastic with the words indented, and slightly larger.
  6. I wear this every day, and I have done for five years now. My arm doesn't feel the same without it. It's like it's weighted differently. It's part of me.
  7. Exchange the money to Australian dollars. Enjoy having more than five dollars while the rest of the thread only has five.
  8. SotC and Ico in one pack? Hell yeah. TLG? Hell yeah. Case West? Hell. Yeah.
  9. So I ended up buying Reach on a whim the day after its release. So far it has been absolutely stunning. I've had a blast playing with friends. We finished the entire third mission in forklifts on legendary (as in, we'd advance in the level then bring the forklifts with us, the whole. freakin'. way.)
  10. What's the deal with Suda 51, why is he allowed to call himself that?
  11. I'll let the video speak for itself.
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