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  1. For 8$ or more it's yours, in mp3 V0, mp3 320, flac(!), ogg, etc: http://doublefine.bandcamp.com/album/broken-age-original-soundtrack (Bancamp has all kinds of payment options, incl. paypal) I read somewhere that Act 2 will be added to the Bancamp page after it's finished. So as a free update on the page I guess. Around 5 tracks are also on Soundcloud:
  2. Reading the first comments on page 1. I guess people saying this have never tried Steam and don't even know how Steam looks and they think of Steam like something of EA's SecuRom.
  3. PS: You don't need a humble (bundle) account at all. Check your mail and you can see the page where you can retrieve your keys without logging in and without the neccessity for an account at humble bundle. However until Act 2 arrives you need a Steam account for now. That's true. However -in general- I don't get this complaining about DRM. I'm on Linux. Look at the open source games. Exception is Super Tux Kart. Open Source doesn't work so well with games and game content. Professional artists, writers and designers don't work for nothing. Professional programmers do. I guess because it's about that code is re-used. And art for a game is art for just one game. Your not building anything that will last. One explanation, but it is how the world works: Open Source games often (not always) look bad and design and gameplay is terrible. (And another reason might be that coding on a project and contributing can be easily done by professional individuals. Code is code. Logic is logic. However: Design is not design. For a game you need a very focused and very professional team, a "company". While a large community is good, (just look at the Linux kernel) making games is not so much compatible with a large community.) I think it's OK to protect games with DRM, that is: Steam. If you have no internet connection, it just offers you to play offline. You can download and install on any machine. You can set up an account on a friend's PC and play your games there. I really love Steam to have my games available anywhere. Steam is not Microsoft DRM, Steam is not SecuRom or whatever. Technically it works like DRM. But really what is the disadvantage? DRM (like Steam) for games is ok. For music and anything else not. Because I can't just copy my legally bought mp3s on any player. That's why DRM is a bad thing on mp3s. But where are the disadvantages of Steam? I don't get it. Sorry. Op-Ed: A case that DRM doesn't do much however: "people are good (an update on our DRM experiment)" http://2dboy.com/2008/10/09/people-are-good-an-update-on-our-drm-experiment/ "90%" http://2dboy.com/2008/11/13/90/ OT: Also something interesting about pricing, that might suprise you: http://2dboy.com/2011/02/08/ipad-launch/ (I don't know it this works for bigger titles, I guess not.)
  4. Also: Alex knows Sugar Bunting as Steel Bunting, 300 years ago before he went into hibernation. "Full of badasses". Vella's Grandpa also gives a hint in the beginning that they used to be "a town of warriors" and "for appeasement" "became a town of bakers." However Grandpa is not 300 years old, maybe 90. So, I guess Sugar Bunting = Steel Bunting.
  5. Is it technically possible to add a German translation by Boris Schneider-Johne after Act 2 is released? I guess it was a timing problem that it didn't happened. However I'm fine with the English version 100%.
  6. Thanks for the link! There's also this video where lighting gets explained in detail: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/10242 And somehwhere in the middle here: http://www.gamespot.com/videos/broken-age-rethinking-a-classic-genre-for-the-mode/2300-6415966/
  7. *POTENTIAL SPOILER* You can try to give Alex some fruit from the tree in Meriloft. (Yes, you go all the way back and grab another fruit.) Vella asks Alex then: "Want some fruit?" And Alex says: "No thanks. I was raised on whole grain nutrient paste. My body can't take the real stuff." Yep, "Whole Grain Nutrient paste" is the third or fourth cereal which (also) Shay can select for breakfast.
  8. hidden jokes: (SPOILERS) Use ladder* with Car'l, the wife who's making cloud shoes. *) only works before you put shoes on the ladder Giving Curti's art/decor to the maiden at Meriloft who didn't got picked. Try to give your cloud shoes to the major of Shellmound.
  9. Perfect! http://doublefine.bandcamp.com/track/battle-at-shellmound | https://soundcloud.com/peter-n-mcconnell/4-battle-at-shellmound
  10. Finished Act 1, replaying it now and trying to find all hidden jokes (give Grandpa the towel for example) and having a great time again. Till time until Act 2 arrives I'm listening to the Soundtrack on my mp3 (when delivering the newspaper, my current job, oh well). I'm thinking about the Shellmound theme for my alarm clock. Oh, you can get it here: http://doublefine.bandcamp.com/album/broken-age-original-soundtrack (Act 2 will be added as I read somewhere in the forums, so 8$ OR MORE is a reasonable price) What I really wanted to say: I have around $60 which only existence' goal is to happily jump into the pool of yet another Double Fine Kickstarter! DFA2! @bitterlemon Hi there! I'm also from adventure game main market country.
  11. This really should be fixed. Maybe file a bug? I had the following idea (as mentioned earlier here by others): Falling through the hole in the cloud: Nothing should happen before you met this funny guy. If you fall through you should just pass by. 1.) Vella should be able to do something with the branch, like trying to lower it to help this poor guy hanging there. So: click/use branch. 2.) And then the branch would nearly break and this guy is like: "Stop it! Aaaaaah." 2b.) And by clicking the branch and nearly breaking it accidentally the position of the guy hanging on it is changed. 3.) Going up the tree and falling to this cloud hole (the left one) again. It's early in the morning here, hoping you get me idea (and my English).
  12. LucasArts released an adventure game around every single or 2-3 years in the golden times. And Double Fine showed that they can do an adventure game very properly. And now they have done a lot of engine work already, which can be reused. etc. I think it would be interesting after seeing the sales numbers of Broken Age, if this could be a successful business model for Double Fine. So, a logical conclusion: How about kickstarting a DFA2 in 2015? Would you support this?
  13. Update: Yes. Watching the credits again, Peter Chan appears in the "Additional Art" section.
  14. Peter Chan appears in some episodes of the documentary. In the middle (I don't know the part right now) there is even a longer scene featuring his work. I was missing him in the credits though after finishing Act I. Any news on that?
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