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  1. A comment from Double Fine would be nice, if there will be another patch regarding this bug or if it will just get declared 'unfixable' (like the rudolph-bug from Deathspank, which I also ran into).
  2. I just deleted the game and redownloaded v1.00, started up the game without the patch and the bug was there. Than I exited the game and started it up again, this time installing the patch, but the bug is still there. So is there another patch being worked on for those v1.01 didn't fix the bug, or am I the only one still having this issue?
  3. How do I upgrade? I have PS+, so it should always get the patches automatically every day. I don't get any patch notice when starting the game, so I assume I have the latest version already installed. My current version is 1.01, I started playing The Cave maybe 2-3 weeks ago, can't remember if I was prompted for a patch back than.
  4. Any news on a patch for this bug on PS3? Just ran into it 2 days ago, behavior is exactly like in the video from the first post.
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