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  1. People like OP are why "normal" people think video game nerds are lame. Get a grip. You are embarrassing yourself. I couldn't be happier about the news, and I have ZERO intention of ever getting a PS4. Why then? Because it means more people will get to play this amazing game. Period.
  2. Yep that was the puzzle I was most stuck on as well. I feel bad if someone freed him without speaking to him first. But really, did you not see that huge gap in the clouds right in front of you?
  3. I don't get how its not an old school adventure game. Because it doesn't have useless verbs? Even then, lots of games didnt have complicated verb trees.
  4. Great episode. I am impressed by the honesty in regards with the sales figures. I thought for sure they wouldn't go far into that. Seeing Tim at Red's made me kind of sad, taking that shot like he needed it. I hope it was more editing than anything else. I'll still buy anything he makes.
  5. Curious about his myself. I'm guessing they're still continuing to make the episodes for BA since it isn't done yet right?
  6. I can hardly fathom a more audacious claim. What do you do creatively yourself? How can you possibly, with any confidence, claim to know what went into EVERY CREATIVE PROCESS EEEVVVEEEERRRRRR? So so sosodumb.
  7. I can hardly fathom a more audacious claim. What do you do creatively yourself? How can you possibly, with any confidence, claim to know what went into EVERY CREATIVE PROCESS EEEVVVEEEERRRRRR? So so sosodumb.
  8. Well my passions and emotions are telling me you're a fuckin idiot.
  9. Ah well of that's what he is saying then I was mistaken. As a pretty casual gamer I guess it just doesn't bother me much.
  10. How so? He seems to think its a bad thing if it goes on sale, I'm saying its a good thing (probably).
  11. I don't know how these things are calculated but targeting x sold copies doesn't make much sense if the price doesn't matter, does it? I don't know if their target figure meant full-priced copies or if there is some standard factor but either way, just saying "don't worry, if we drop the price enough, we'll hit our target" is not a way to get DF to be independent I'm not sure I get what you're saying, or maybe I just wasn't clear in my original post. Obviously the number of actual units sold doesn't matter if it is a penny each. I mean that, according to what I recall which may very well be wrong, the lower priced Brutal Legend on steam made them a lot of money. Lower selling games sell more, which should (theoretically of course) offset the price change and make them MORE money total. The guy above me has a good point though that it could have been more that they had the full rights to Brutal Legend and that was the reason why they made money.
  12. I don't feel that an games are worth full price at the moment. Except Broken Age of course, but that was different. Its just too easy to just wait for prices to drop in a sale. I think a lot of savy gamers (and what kind of adventure game player isn't, right?) think like this too. Once it goes on sale I predict they will make their goal, if not before. Didn't Tim say that Brutal Legend made more money once it was on steam than it ever had before? I know that is a false analogy, but it does go to show how a cheaper product sells well if it is a quality project, regardless of time.
  13. Well it is certainly going to have "another feature" when the second half comes out. Then I'm sure it will get a boost when it goes on sale, maybe this next winter. It will get another round of publicity too which will bump it a little more. It will go on sale a lot earlyer i am certain. If you can withstand the hype and keep your eyes open you can get many PC Games for below 15$ withing a month. That is kinda scarry and i do think Broken Age has a bit more time for that to happen (even if you can feel the "need" due to the low ranking) since you donĀ“t want to piss of the people that bought the incompleed game but still... 50% of will be comming, sooner than later. I don't get what you are saying is "scary". That it is going to be on sale eventually? How is that scary? That's totally normal, and it will almost definitely mean a lot of extra sales. Its not like they are losing money distributing it online. As for getting it at $15 within a month, I don't know about that. Not a whole lot of games will do that I don't think. Hell, I've been sitting on Broken Sword 5 in my steam wishlist since December and it still hasn't dropped.
  14. So far, as I go through the threads, I dont even have to look at the name to know who's talking shit.
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