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  1. It was a standard years ago (1990 was more than 20 years ago, dude), it's no longer an industry standard. Shipping software of floppy disks was a standard, it's no longer a standard. i386 was a standard, it's no longer a standard.
  2. 5:4 was never a standard AFAIK. Anyway, Broken Age was designed as a widescreen game. Running it in a non-widescreen resolution will cause letterboxing as the settings dialog indicates.
  3. Regarding quarantine, the old lady in Sugar Bunting (I forgot her name) said something about "going beyond the plague dam". If you think about it literally, Plague Dam and quarantine zone means basically the same thing. Also, something which really surprised me is that Vella appear to understand what a spaceship is when she met Alex, which seems odd to me seeing how her world doesn't seem technologically advanced.
  4. SORTOF SPOILER AHEAD: OMFG! "Plague Dam" = Quarantine zone! Where Marek put the "creatures" (who were obviously the maidens)
  5. I disagree with most of his points, but I didn't expect him to like this game, he rarely likes ANYTHING.
  6. i didn't have any issue with the FLACs in Rhythmbox, GNOME Music and Windows Media Player.
  7. You make few very good points, but I think the main problem with the item having the looking-glass icon on it is that it moves with the item, which becomes part of the cursor, which is confusing. It makes me think "inspect with", it feels as if I'm interacting with the rectangle where the object was, and not the object itself. Also, it's not always inspection. If I recall correctly grabbing-gary's control button was activated by "examining" it. Talking with your spoon is not exactly examination either,and that makes the looking-glass icon a bad metaphor. My suggestion (is it really mine? didn't someone suggest it in the thread before? I'm too lazy to look. Either way, I like it) to improve the click mode would be having a portion of the item covered by a small looking glass icon: clicking on it would be "interaction" with the item while clicking on the rest of it would "pick it up" for use with another items. And this bring me back to my point about risk. risk is not only introduction of bugs or not knowing what most people would think about it, but also loss of time. Changing things so close to release will take time Double Fine people should probably invest in fixing bugs. If they do find the time for it and think it's a low-bug-risk codepath, they should go for it - but it shouldn't be a priority. This is one of the reasons why I feel drag as default is "safer". LOL. What a wonderful way to argue. Luckily, I don't mind going there. Official disclaimer: I am selfish and don't care about the future of Double Fine. I only care about my game (and the funding of Act II with the sales of Act I was off the table FYI). So now what? Read my sentence again. I did not mean to imply you are selfish, I did not mean to imply you don't care. I said "even if". That's an "if". an "if" written with the assumption it's not true. As for the "backers playing the game" part... well, it doesn't matter what backers do: if the game won't sell enough, we might never see Act 2. I don't think anyone can consider Broken Age a complete game without Act 2. I also don't understand your comment about something being "off the table". This is not a negotiation, it's a discussion. And funding of act 2 from the sales of act 1 was already decided upon by DF quite some time ago. And for the "what now?" comment, well... now we keep discussing/arguing until the game is released and this discussion will be no longer relevant. I think it might have a noticeable effect, and that making the game easier for people to play will mean people will essentially like it more and recommend it to their friends. I obviously exaggerated, but more copies of Broken Age sold means higher potential budget for Act 2 which will allow for more soundtrack, longer gameplay, etc etc. As for the vapidness, I think it is time I'll go to bed because you are right, I'm beginning to sound quite insane. I agree, but who's to say it's not something that can be retroactively fit to the game between now and the full game*'s release? It is most certainly possible, but this debate/discussion/whatever is about what will be the default control scheme on Act 1's release, not the distant future of Act 2. Okay, ya'll are writing comments faster than I can type my reply, and falling asleep sound more and more inviting... so good night for now, you've been fun today.
  8. I thought the game was primarily backed by fans of old-school point-and-click games; if that's the case, why would we gear the game primarily to new users? This new-user-usability argument is moot anyway. In the non-drag mode, you can still drag items out of your inventory to use them, so whichever item-use scheme the player chooses instinctively will work; the only difference being that you have to click twice to inspect an inventory item instead of once, and I think this would be handled well with a discrete 'View' or 'Inspect' control either in your inventory or mapped to a button input. 1) You want this game to sell as many copies as possible. I explained the reason why countless of times. Even if you are selfish and don't care about the future of Double Fine (and I'm not trying to say you are), you want Act 2, right? If you watched the documentary, it has been explained very clearly that the development of act 2 will be funded from sales of Act 1. 2) Dragging in click mode feels wonky. This is a personal opinion not backed by facts. 3) The "new user usability" argument is not about the drag operation itself, but rather the lack of proper way to convey to the user they need/can click twice on an item to "interact" with it (it's not just description. Sometimes it's actual use, ie. -slight spoilers- grabbing-gary's remote control). 4) Even if you ignore all my arguments (and the mac argument) against right click, I think it is too late to add something like that, the game will be released in less than 2 days! It is not wise to make code changes which aren't bugfixes so close to release.
  9. For discussion/debate/argument/flamewar regarding this, please read this thread. I urge you to make an informed decision, and read all the arguments for and against before making your choice, and try to make your decision as unbiased as possible. Or don't. I can't really force you to do anything. But I am asking nicely. (Hint: there are more choices then the ones in the poll! You could, for example, choose to call me a blabbering idiot!) Forgive me for the poor attempt at comedy, it's almost 2am and my sleep-deprived brain finds this kinda funny
  10. Hey! Tomorrow's the day before release, so I just wanted to say to everyone at Dobule Fine: Well done. Your game is amazing. I said it before. Many other people did. But I wanted to say it again. I know it's going to be a stressful day for you all, so I wanted that if you start your day tomorrow by looking at the forums you'll have something positive and encouraging to look at. I think I'm speaking for all backers (well, most backers. You can never please everyone) when I say that you guys are awesome, and I wish you great succcess. So have a good day, try not to stress-out too much, and good luck!
  11. I can assure you that I read every single post on this thread and thought about it before I made any reply. If I forgot a specific argument it is only because it is a long thread and it's 1am already, I'm quite tired. I did not mean to disrespect you or disregard your opinion or any other opinion and contribution to this thread, except maybe the "lol macs" comment someone made which was out of place in a constructive discussion. I agree that proven might not be the right word. "shown" or "demonstrated" or even "argued" would have been a better choice. For the sake of continuing this discussion: How do you expect users to figure out it is a double click (or right click for that matter)? You should remember that most potential players probably have not played any point&click; adventure ever. Heck, I'm 20 and the only "classic" point and click adventure I played was DOTT, and I didn't even manage that without a tutorial (I remember finding the verbs in DOTT very cofusing, I'd click "use" and then click on an item and it resets to "look at"). Do you understand that since this is a cross-platform game, right click might not be an option? (and fwiw I used some Windows laptops in the past which did not have right click on their touchpad). Do you think introducing this change so close to release is risk-free? Remember that the success of the first part of the game is critical to the funding of Broken Age Act 2 and the future of Dobule Fine, adventure games, and crowd-funded games.
  12. I actually didn't figure out how to solve this puzzle, and after trying to figure it out for about 30 minutes, I gave up and looked for the solution online.
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