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  1. Dude, this is a helpful feedback thread. If you have nothing constructive to say, piss off.
  2. I don't see how it is un-intuitive when the magnifying glass icon thingy appears. That is the international videogame symbol for "examine". But not the international video-game symbol for double click. I should point out that since Broken Age is a single-click oriented game, having to dobule-click something in it feels really weird (in addition to all I said in my previous comments)
  3. As fun as it sounds, most people will get the game thorough steam and will never bother reading an online manual even if such would have been available online.
  4. Thanks for your reply Anna. I think that polishing the "click" mechanism would be a good thing, but I can't say exactly how. I think that (for release) changing the default back to Drag would be wiser (for all the various reasons I stated above). What is your personal opinion on that matter? which mode will be the default on release day?
  5. Sounds too short to be for Act 2 as well... And I *think* I heard every single one of the tracks in game, but I'm not sure.
  6. And that's why keeping "drag" as the default is the most safe solution.
  7. With that said, minor polish-related changes done in RC8 are great, I especially like the inventory opening on hover. The change in default interaction method is the only change that seemed out-of-place because it made the game look *less* polished while the rest of the changes made it seem way more polished.
  8. I don't think I've encountered any "giveaway" when I examined any item, except maybe (slight spoiler) Marek's strange little screwdriver. I don't think introducing such change so close to release is a good idea, especially cause it is (as you describe it) a little wonky compared to the "drag" mode. It's really weird to play a game where everything is polished so neatly except the default interaction method. I also should point out that first impression is an important thing, and if the game gives a good first impression for people who bought it they will recommend it to their friends (and then the network effect will come into play here) and result in more sales. More sales means more money to Double Fine, which means more money to work on Act 2 and future games. So I think it's in our best interest to make sure the first impression people get from this game is a good first impression.
  9. edit: never mind, I got the reply I was waiting for in another thread.
  10. Right now it has a looking glass but the looking glass moving with the item, so it's not really helping. You still have to preform two clicks to examine and the game doesn't do a good job explaining that. I guess this mode is good for people who know what to expect but not for new players - especially if they are new to adventure games or hadn't played one in the last decade or so. Since it's too late (we are mere three days from release!) to add a tutorial to Broken Age, and a tutorial level is usually very immersion breaking, I suggest reverting to the more intuitive dragging mechanism instead of the clunky "click" mechanism. When you click an item it "lifts" it from the inventory and it becomes your cursor. So when that happens it's REALLY unclear how to examine it. Sometimes if you try to return it to your inventory it will examine the item, and sometimes it won't. The only sure way to examine an item is clicking on it twice without moving the cursor even a single milimeter, and I don't think you can expect new players to figure that out easily. Also, such last-minute changes of interaction methods is a sure recipe for bugs that will only found after the release, and since I think it is in Double Fine's best interest to have a product that is as polished and free of obvious bugs as they can get for release day, the better. Reactions and interactions that can only be triggered by accident or by preforming a very specific clicking pattern is not something you want in a video game. People who whine about how dragging is "tablet-y" (even tho this method of interaction was invented way before the invention of the touchscreen) and "not old-school" will have 'click' as an option, but if it was default new players who are unlikely to ever open the option menu will suffer from the general bugginness and un-intuativity of this method might quit the game before even thinking there might be an option to change that. You should keep in mind that examining an item is an important interaction in the game, since many puzzle clues will only be heard if you examine an item. Also, think of all the jokes people will miss if they would be un-aware of the ability for examining an item.
  11. You do realize this is not a change that can be reverted after release, because you can't change a released product that drastically under the feet of your users? This has to be decided upon by Double Fine before the final release.
  12. Since one click would change the cursor to that of the item, the only way new players would manage to examine an item is by accident. This is not a good thing.
  13. The problem is not with the dragging itself, but the un-intuativity of having to click an item twice just to examine it. With that in mind, as the "drag" option has undergone more user testing and refinement than the "click" option (as it was the only option since the beta release and probably even before) I think Double Fine would be better off having "drag" as the default instead of the less-tested "click" option.
  14. did you click "Music"? the soundtracks on HumbleBundle are usually under "music"
  15. I know I can, I said that. My problem is that it's a bad default. New players who don't know how to change it will find it confusing. The default should be drag and click should be an option, not the other way around. As someone who has done UX work in the past, I'm saying that defaults matter. If your default isn't good, people are not going to fiddle in the options - they are more likely to give up and think badly of your product.
  16. I realize some people like click more and that it helps disabled people play the game more easily, but I really think drag was better. Before this change, you could simply click on an inventory item to "examine" it. Now, you have to click on it twice and it is not very intuitive. I think that it's good that there's an option to change this, but I really think it works better with "drag". (edit: fixed typo in title)
  17. Double Fine - Bun Idle Foe. It's clearly a clue saying you need to throw buns at your foes when they're idle and will obviously come in play on Act 2. (I like this crazy-and-obiouisly-wrong-fan-theories thread)
  18. If by DFA you mean the documentary, no, it's not the end: Tim said it will continue until the release of Act 2.
  19. There were two colors of cupcakes. The white ones were not for you. You had to click the other color. It was said plainly and clearly.
  20. I think "Whatever Double Fine thinks works best" is the answer I'd pick.
  21. (SPOILER:) If you don't pick up the peach when you first visit Meriloft (cloud colony) you'd have to backtrack there and get it. That's the reason that returning there is possible.
  22. English is not my native language, but guessing and clues from talking characters in-game made me to realize what "pit" means and the answer to the riddle. In my native language it is called "Gal-een" (that's transliterated, of course). I think it's safe to assume that the name is different in every country, and that people who don't know what pit means could figure it out the same way I did.
  23. I know it's a minor bug but it would be nice if anyone on DoubleFine can put it on your internal bugtracker so it won't be forgotten about. Surely at least one of you is as pedant about polish bugs as I am.
  24. Tip: right click the game on steam, then click properties, then click properties, select "local files" and click "verify integrity of game cache" to make sure all the files are there
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