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  1. Here's a screenshot Vella's knee is glitchy. A similar glitch happens when she's walking, but since she's moving and small most of the time, you don't notice that.
  2. Best track was March in the Clouds. Second best was Battle at Shellmound. The games theme music (titled Broken Age, first track on the soundtrack) was awesome, I want a longer version of it. And of course all the other tracks were superb as well. As far as game soundtracks go, Broken Age's soundtrack is probably in my top 3 (together with The Stanley Parable, Portal 2). But I would like act 2 to have MORE soundtrack, otherwise what we already have will be repetitive.
  3. To save you time in the future: No visible ESRB rating means a game is unrated, ie. it has not (yet) been rated by ESRB. Some games never get a rating.
  4. I can't see a reason why they can't report sale figures... I mean, Stanley Parable went public with its sale figures after the launch week, so I assume Double Fine can do that too.
  5. Act 1 was amazingly good. I enjoyed every moment of it and think it was worth every single penny I paid for it and probably a lot more. The soundtrack, the writing, the art, the voice acting... everything about this game was absolutely superb and well-polished. I have two questions: 1) Will the documentary continue, even tho act 1 was already released? 2) Will you share the sales figures (ie. how many copies Act 1 sold on steam) with the backers?
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