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    But what if you are a robot? Why all the hate? Please don't discriminate and deactivate. - John Henry Eden Jr
  1. That's cool. I'm glad you folks are still working on it.
  2. My favorite turn-based RPG for the PS2 was Okage Shadow King. In case you've never played this early PS2 gem: It starts off with you and your sister going to the circus. She gets attacked by a ghost and comes down with a curse that only allows her to speak in pig latin. Your dad performs a ritual whereby your shadow is possessed by the evil king Stan in return for him removing the curse. You have to go around and eliminate a bunch of fake evil kings who have stolen Stan's powers so he can get them back. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okage:_Shadow_King
  3. The difference between the Poker Night scenario, and this is that Telltale Poker Night (1) at the Inventory came out before the one that is on XBLIG. I'm no copyright lawyer, but they might need to call the game Double Fine Bad Golf 3. If the creator of Bad Golf (2010) on XBLIG doesn't want DF calling a game that, or wants too much money, there's always Bad Double Fine Golf 3.
  4. Wholegrain Nutrient Paste for me! It's the future of food. You also know it's healthier and fills you up more than regular Nutrient Paste, because it's WHOLEGRAINS!
  5. I originally voted for Mnemonic in the first round before changing it to Erras of Avventa (Kennedy Edition). I already voted for Bad Golf 2, Dear Leader then Mnemonic/Erras before I clicked on Steed, which I originally intended to be a must vote. Overall, thanks to the community Bad Golf game, I'm happy. I'll still vote for Bad Golf 3 next time though in a heartbeat. Hopefully the community game gets more people excited for that one next time.
  6. My votes: Dear Leader Steed Erra of Avventa (Kennedy Edition)
  7. It's natural that people who were expecting a DRM-free release for Act 1 would have been pissed off when in the beginning it was going to be Steam-only. It's an issue people can be very passionate about. And generally speaking, from what I seen a very small section of the Steam fan boys were the most extreme of the bunch. Either way, everyone can be happy now!
  8. BAD GOLF 2! BAD GOLF 2! BAD GOLF 2! I also voted for Dear Leader and Eras of Adventure. If by some miracle the money in my Pay Pal account clears in the next 5 hours, I would vote for Cupid as well.
  9. I concur. There are so many great ideas. I accidentally missed a "must vote". But not Bad Golf 2. I definitely didn't forget to vote for that. Forget Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, Bad Golf 2 could be the most fun, realistic Golf simulator out there. NOT EVERYONE IS A PRO, EA! I DON'T PLAY FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN A TOURNAMENT, EA! I play for door prizes, and raffles. Booze + Cart = Fun!
  10. That is a very good name for a cat whom you want to send not-so subliminal messages to, to not be constipated.
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