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  1. The ability to relocate appointees to a new (vacant) building It should take some time, but you should be able to move Standards, Regents, and Sagewrights to an empty building. In my case the region with my guild is at 2 corruption and I just build a shiny new guild in a zero corruption province. I should be able to relocate them. Same with Standards and Regents. There should be a time cost where you lose the bonuses [no XP buff from standards, no babies being born or no trainees receiving xp buffs, no research bonus] during the move, but if there is nothing wrong with moving to greener pastures. The ability to appoint a temporary steward to a keep would be nice, based on my observations an unoccupied keep triggers a cadence attack.
  2. The game paints you as an immortal ruler who makes decisions on the scale of 3 centuries for the best of the kingdom to fight an ever present threat. I don't think removal of a regent, or even removal of a bloodline, from a keep should be a punishable offense. You are doing what is best for the survival of the country. They (the heroes) let you make every other decision without question, why should this one be any different?
  3. I don't like the keep battles, personally. I understand them now, but the first one was a real slap in the face because the game really emphasizes "once you appoint a hero to a post, they will never see battle again." Due to this I never modified their inventory. They were in the lowest tier armor and didn't have an item equipped. Now I know that keep attacks exist so I make sure to have my regents up to date. In addition I've always lost both regent and partner every time, no exceptions. The game always seems to spawn the a horde of seeds right near the courtyard and at least two cradles to siege the rulers once the seeds have vision. If the appointed heroes die every time, why don't they just stay inside behind that big iron gate they just stand in front of?
  4. I think it should be one of the filters you can sort the heroes by. "age," "experience," "has relic."
  5. You say avoid them. Did you just have better luck than I did? All my combat options after they were introduced included Bulwarks.
  6. Just gave about two hours over to a play through. The last 3 or 4 combat events I played through I lost all my heroes. Am I doing something wrong? By the second group of Bulwark and exploding guys (name is escaping me), usually 1 and 2 - respectively, drain my resources. My health packs are all consumed, my bombs have all been thrown. I have most of my team dead. Am I playing the game wrong? The mission with only exploding guys, seeds, and the ranged de-levelers in the salt pools went well. I felt there was genuine risk to my heroes - but with good strategy I was able to keep them alive. Every level after the bulwarks were introduced I'd lose my entire party. I admit I wasn't breeding well. All my heroes were dying quickly or getting old so I did at least three rounds of recruitment. Every time I'd get a new batch of recruits they'd die in battle the first mission they were deployed in. I see some posts about multiple keeps and level 10 heirlooms/relics which gives me hope. Am I playing this game wrong?
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