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  1. I'm really bad with free time right now but later on I'd be willing to help out. I'm not a game developer but I always wanted to learn a little Lua; I already know Python, JavaScript and some other languages very well so I could probably get into it relatively quickly (hopefully). Hope the ball gets rolling!
  2. Thanks for the offer! This looks interesting. Nice to see Linux support. I don't need a key, I'll buy it when it pops off my backlog.
  3. As a Linux person, I really feel indebted to Valve for pushing the envelope there. Nowadays being able to follow TI4 in-game or playing XCOM without mucking about with Wine or booting into Windows is really, really good for me. Major kudos there. I know GOG has Linux support too now (and I've already purchased some of their Linux games) but Valve/Steam was really the prime mover there. I'd say I really appreciate both services. Also a major shout-out to Double Fine for their impeccable Linux support. Keep makin em, I'll keep buying em
  4. Tim interacted with me on Twitter a few times. I won't lie, it felt pretty good. <3 Also a shout out to Oliver for being responsive too
  5. Expired passport, move along. Ugh, sorry, professional deformation...
  6. Hi, I'm running this on Ubuntu + nVidia (proprietary drivers). Other than this and one other issue that's already been reported (Vella's neck sticking through her head for half a second in a cutscene), the game runs flawlessly. Here's the video: 1. In the main menu, while mousing upwards through the options, sometimes it will seem as though two options are selected. In the first half of the video you can see both the 'New Game' and 'Continue' tabs/cards/menu items appearing raised at the same time. The 'New Game' tab is actually active. 2. Right before the player chooses which character to start with - when Shay and Vella walk in and go to sit down, the background appears/flashes briefly before fading in properly. Sometimes it flashes more times - in the second half of the video it only flashes once. Cheers!
  7. Hey you Double Fine guys, I can't believe act I is almost available to us backers! In my mind this is somehow always 'a year away'. Anyway, in addition to playing through your amazing game, I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to help you guys during the beta period. For example, running a mouse capture program while playing the game (like someone suggested during the last video) or running the game under a special (valgrind-esque?) profiler, or something similar. I'm a software developer/engineer by trade and I've played all the oldies-but-goldies (favorite game: Grim Fandango). I'm willing to put in some extra effort if you guys think it'd be useful for the game. I run Linux (both at work and home) but have easy access to Windows boxes too. I really love what you guys are doing and would really like you to succeed with this. I'm sure some of the other backers would be open to going the extra mile too if you guys need anything.
  8. I'd like to know too, both my devices don't seem to be compatible. I wish Google Play was more informative.
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