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  1. Such is the nature of cross-platform development. Selecting the correct per-platform save directory isn't difficult at all though, especially compared to other porting tasks. "%UserProfile%\Game Saves" (well, "%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games" actually) is the default for FOLDERID_SavedGames. But as that can be changed, relying on the default would be worse than not using the directory at all. The correct way is to use the SHGetKnownFolderPath() function. Again, there are OS-provided APIs that should be used, namely NSApplicationSupportDirectory. I don't really know all that much about OS X though so I'm not sure if the Application Support directory location can be changed in practice. Actually, the XDG Base Directory Specification is quite clear on what to do when the $XDG_* variables are not defined - and they aren't defined most of the time. Also, as soeb mentioned, $XDG_DATA_HOME is a better catch-all directory than $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, which should only be used for configuration files. As Broken Age already uses SDL2, DF could simply use SDL_GetPrefPath() to get the save directory. While this function isn't perfect, it neatly abstracts all the OS-specific goo. Specifically, using "doublefine" as the org parameter would put the Broken Age saves next to those for most other DF games - at least on Linux.
  2. I too hope this will get fixed - and hopefully before the public release, to minimize impact of changing save directories. There really is no excuse to not follow the xdg-basedir spec for new applications. Another reason is that this would allow to have a shared location (/opt, /usr/local, ...) for the game data on multi-user systems when the DRM-free version will be released while still having per-user save files. And if someone really *does* want the save files under the install directory, they can still create a wrapper script and adjust $XDG_DATA_HOME. Btw, on Windows there is a standard directory for save files since Vista: FOLDERID_SavedGames
  3. Was having a lot of fun with this, but ran into a game-breaking crash
  4. I ran into this bug with the 13.6 beta amd drivers, but it's gone with the 13.15 beta (aka OpenGL 4.3 beta)
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