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  1. I think, we need a thread to share some sweet stuff that happens to us in MASSIVE CHALICE! For a start, in my first turn on a keep attack, I got to kill 5 Ruptures at once :-)
  2. GOG link on the page

    You should tell people that the game also is on! On the page it only says Humble Bundle (which includes a Steam key) and Xbox :-(
  3. Broken Age update 2.1 (4th May 2015)

    Of course, I didn't think of that! The only problem is the boxed version then.
  4. Broken Age update 2.1 (4th May 2015)

    In episode 19 of the documentary, they made it very clear that this is not possible at the time and maybe it will never be. To patch the game, you need steam.
  5. I really think you could make a better interface (maybe as toggleble option) for users who only use the mouse. Here are my suggestions for that: 1. The known bug that the 'confirm' button disappears after changing the direction of a skill obviously is a no-go. 2. You should be able to choose a skill, apply direction changes and confirm the action without moving the cursor all over the screen. My idea is a pop-up menu after (right?-)clicking an enemy where you choose the ability to use and then can change the direction and confirm. 3. Cycling through heroes and ending a turn is basically the same thing - those are functions that you use rather often and right now you have to race the cursor all over the place. Maybe it would be possible to make use of all the mouse buttons. Right-click could be disabled for directly attacking because you still can attack with leftclick. Then you could use right-click for cycling through the heroes and middle-click for ending the turn maybe. You can not do every action like this, but at least those that you need all the time.
  6. Hey all, I actually have 3 issues with leveling up in a fight (I mean every second level when you get a skill point) 1: It's really annoying that you have to click the hero that you just moved and can't even use TAB because he obviously already moved. 2: Sometimes I don't realise that I have a new point, the indication is rather subtle. 3: If he was the last to move, you have no chance to spend the point before the enemies turn (which can be important with skills like fury) AND the chance of forgetting it is even higher because you concentrate on what the enemy is doing. My idea to fix it: Automatically go straight to the skill tree after leveling up OR let the player spend the points at the end of the battle, but not while inside. One time when I used charge on an enemy close to a outer wall of the level, the caberjack seemed to charge a second time after hitting the enemy against the wall. The second charge sent him through the enemy and into the wall. In the next enemy turn, he got 999 damage and died, so at least my savegame isn't broken, but the game should check If something like that happened before saving (I'm in Ironmode) and reload. Greetings Gigagrunch
  7. First Try Report and some Feedback

    @KestrelPi: 10 hours is what steam says, but maybe I played some time in offline mode. I'm not sure... @Selke: I ran out of heroes and then couldn't hold the land against the corruption :-(
  8. Hi Everyone! I just finished my first attempt, it took me 10 hours and I died at year 242. I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot so I believe that my second playthrough will be better :-) I think the game is well balanced and nicely challenging. One thing that I would like to be included is to be able to set a default equipment for a class so that for example all caberjacks will wear the enhanced armor. Even if you have some special armor or relics, you will never want any caberjack to wear the standard armor again once you have one that is just plain better. Greetings, GigaGrunch