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  1. That's probably easier said than done, but it should be possible for console owners to delete no-longer needed save files if their system gets full.
  2. When I was taught how to program, I was always told that a thing should have either none, one or an infinite number of values. Imposing random arbitrary limits on a system was an easy way to lose marks. No matter how obvious or reasonable it may seem to you, you are wrong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_one_infinity_rule
  3. Yeah, I figured that there'd be animation issues with that. As they've already discussed it and have reasons for it being so, I'll go and get back under my rock
  4. I quite often play with no sound so as not to disturb others in the room I'm in so subtitles are my primary way of following the dialogue. I also read the subs considerably faster than the actors say them and I find myself frustrated that I have to wait for the next line. Most other adventure games have a skip option that will skip tp the next subtitle, so you can go through lengthy conversations relatively quickly. BA, on the other hand only has an option to skip the entire cut-scene. This forces me to either get frustrated and occasionally bored, or miss entire plot elements. So, is there any chance that such an option may be added? Also, a way to review previous dialogue would be appreciated. TIA
  5. I'm also having exactly the same issue, though as I have not been able to get time to finish the game, it is even more harrowing. That said, the system I am running on only has HD3000 class graphics, but it did run fine previously.
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