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  1. Thank you about the egg stamp tip Wow. Felt so dumb. Figured out my main issue: did not know that I could choose which enemy I fought in battle... *face-palm* That and the egg stamp/TP stamp got me through the cemetery and past BoJonn. Now in the mall. For anyone else having issues in this area: 1. Smack the grubbins from behind to start a battle. That gives you extra points off of them before even starting. 2. Use your WASD or arrow keys to select the healer and attack them first. Or the megaphone then healer. Healers ruin battles and must die first. You can select your opponent for EACH turn for EACH kid. Do this before attacking! 3. Equip the egg/TP stamp and use that to hit the healer. If you can stun him you can win sometimes. Use both characters to kill the healer(s) first in mini battles then try the other dudes. 4. For BoJonn: attack the megaphone to initiate a healer appearing. Now, here's the tricky bit- keep attacking the megaphone with your offensive player (I like the splash stamp myself) and then hit the healer with your other player using egg/tp. SUPER IMPORTANT AND ANNOYING if you are below 40 on the healer make sure to kill the megaphone FIRST, otherwise if you kill that healer but still have the megaphone active BoJonn will summon more healers! Sucky. Extra tip: in the mall, the dudes will NOT run away from your spider stamp. So don't try. Also, everything is harder to stun so the egg/tp trick won't work very well. At least so far for me... Happy gaming!
  2. So I'm at Level 3 now, went through the black gates near the homes and entered the cemetery area. Sneaked around the grubbins after multiple deaths, talked to the Scarecrow, realized I can't open the coffins, and stuck unable to defeat the boss Bojonn or the random dudes in the cemetery area. I've bobbed all the apples, completed all the quests in the housing area up to that point, and bought all the battle stamps that I can. I equipped Pumpkin Guts on one character and Bloodshot Eyeballs on the other, tried Robot/Knight and Robot/Liberty and Knight/Liberty costume combos. But still not enough to beat 3 level 4 grubbins at a time! Think I may need to level up to level 4 before I can beat them, but there are no more things to do other than fight these cemetery guys. Any ideas? [side-thought: Got through Humble Bundle (yay!) and playing on Mac (my PC died recently). The controls aren't great but I'm trying to make do. Can't help but think if I was on console then the button-mashing WASD sorts of things in battle would be working better for me.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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